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Water - Contacts | Springer Water Editorial Contacts in US

Becoming a Springer Author

Do you have an interesting proposals or any questions regarding our Water program which you would like to discuss? 

We would like to hereby invite you to contribute to and benefit from Springer’s comprehensive Water program. Please contact a Springer Publishing Editor below working with your community - who will be pleased to evaluate your proposal and to answer to your questions!

Editorial Contacts in the US 

  • Lorraine Klimowich

    Lorraine Klimowich

    Editor, Economics and Political Science
    Springer New York, USA

    Phone: +1 (212) 620-8424

  • Janet Slobodien

    Janet Slobodien

    Editor, Springer New York
    Ecology, Primatology, Evolutionary Biology

    Phone: +1 212 460-1525

Editorial Contacts in Europe  

  • Dr. Leontina Di Cecco

    Dr. Leontina Di Cecco

    Editor, Applied Sciences and Engineering
    Bio-Inspired Robotics, Medical Robotics, Bioengineering; Computational Methods & Models in Science, Medicine and Technology; Soft Computing; Philosophy of Modern Science and Technologies; Mechanical Engineering; Ocean and Naval Engineering; Water Management & Technology

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8642

  • Alexandrine Cheronet

    Alexandrine Cheronet

    Senior Publishing Editor: Environmental Sciences, Environmental Oceanography, Marine Sciences, Springer Dordrecht

    Phone: +31 78 657 6161

  • Dr. Aldo Rampioni

    Dr. Aldo Rampioni

    Editor, Physics, Springer
    - Theoretical/Mathematical Physics

    Phone: +31 78 657 6720
    Fax: +31 78 657 6377

  • Fritz Schmuhl

    Fritz Schmuhl

    Senior Publishing Editor, Springer
    Focused on environmental economics, management and policy

    Phone: +31 78 657 6281

  • Carlo Schneider

    Carlo Schneider

    Associate Publishing Editor, Springer
    Focused on geology, sedimentology, geoinformatics and engineering geology as well as hydrology, karst, speleology and water resources management

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8502

  • Petra van Steenbergen

    Petra van Steenbergen

    Senior Publishing Editor, Springer
    Focused on hydrology and water resources, geotechnical engineering, natural hazards, coastal science, remote sensing, petroleum geoscience and mineral resources, geophysics, solid earth sciences and energy

    Phone: +31 78 657 6235

  • Dr. Tobias Wassermann

    Dr. Tobias Wassermann

    Editor Chemistry, Springer
    Chemistry, with main focus on Polymer Science, Colloid Science, Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Food Chemistry, as well as Springer Water

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8831
    Fax: +49 6221 487 6 8831

  • Dr. Christian Witschel

    Dr. Christian Witschel

    Editorial Director Earth Sciences, Geography & Environment, Springer

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8651

Editorial Contacts in China 

  • Lisa Fan

    Lisa Fan

    Senior Editor, Earth Science & Geography
    Springer Beijing, China

    Phone: +86 10 8267 0211 ext. 882
    Fax: +86 10 8267 0212

  • June Tang

    June Tang

    Editor, Chemistry
    Springer Beijing, China

    Phone: +86 10 8267 0211 ext. 881
    Fax: +86 10 8267 0212

  • Xiaoli Pei

    Xiaoli Pei

    Assistant Editor, Environment Science and Engineering
    Springer Beijing, China

    Phone: +86 10 8267 0211 ext. 865
    Fax: +86 10 8267 0212

Editorial Contact in Singapore 

  • Dr.  Loyola D'Silva

    Dr. Loyola D'Silva

    Publishing Editor
    Physics, Astronomy, Biophysics, Bioengineering, Biomedical Physics, Biomaterials, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences, Energy, Computational Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Mechanics, Civil Engineering.

    Phone: +65 6396 6386
    Fax: 65 6298 8043

Editorial Contacts in the Middle East 

  • Simin Kambakhsh Fard

    Simin Kambakhsh Fard

    Associate Editor, Springer
    Focused on Springer`s publishing activities in the Middle East and Global Science Journals

    Phone: +(49)6221-487-8453

  • Dr. Nabil Khélifi

    Dr. Nabil Khélifi

    Publishing Editor, Springer
    Focused on Springer’s publishing activities in the Middle East.

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8573
    Fax: +49 6221 487 68573

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