LZ Volume 8 Issue 4, Conferences

Conferences and Exhibitions 2013

Springer’s conference schedule this year was as busy as ever and here we highlight some of the key conferences attended in both the academic library and corporate library markets.

UKSG, 8-10 April 2013 – Bournemouth, UK

The first of the major meetings for 2013 began in Bournemouth, UK, at UKSG. This is always a good event for Springer as it presents excellent opportunities to engage with customers. Twenty Thirteen was no exception; in fact attendance was up by 200 this year to 800 participants, providing even greater opportunities to meet with current and potential customers. Springer had a booth at the conference accompanied by a popcorn stand, which was very popular with visitors!
The focus of the conference for Springer this year was Springer Book Archives and a special launch event was held at the Russell Coates Museum, Bournemouth. It was very well attended: over 100 guests were welcomed by museum staff dressed in traditional Victorian costume. The launch event began with a short address from Erik Merkel-Sobotta and as well as the opportunity to learn about Springer Book Archives, guests were treated to tours of the museum to learn about its history and artefacts. The museum houses an impressive art collection and for this one evening only, the collection was enhanced with POD copies of SBA titles displayed among the exhibits. Drinks and canapés were served in one of the larger galleries and guests had the chance to network with each other and with Springer staff.
Holger Barth, Library Marketing Manager, Academic & Government North/South/Western Europe & Africa

REBUIN, 7-8 November 2013 – Spain

The final conference of the year was REBIUN, the annual meeting of the Network of University Libraries in Spain. It took place on 7th – 9th November 2013 at the breathtakingly beautiful University of Zaragoza and the attendees comprised Library Directors from universities across Spain. The meeting focuses on the internal issues faced by Spanish libraries and each year a keynote speaker is invited to discuss a particular topic of relevance to the group. This year Ed Pentz from CrossRef was invited to speak and gave a talk titled ‘The Importance of Identifiers to the future of research’.

Springer attended the meeting as a sponsor and exhibitor. We organized a dinner the evening prior to the conference at Casa Lac in Zaragoza to which all the Library Directors were invited. Springer representatives included our Vice President of Sales, Mrs Dagmar Laging, Jesús Muñoz, Rosa Gustems, Diana Alkema and the latest addition to the Spanish / Portuguese team: Adriano Crespo. It was a wonderful evening with great food and company and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
On the second day of the conference, Springer was invited to give a 15-minute presentation and our colleague, Jesús Muñoz, talked about the Springer Book Archive (SBA). Springer also had a booth at the conference. The exhibit was open during coffee and lunch breaks and provided plenty of opportunities to chat with customers and potential customers. We were particularly interested to learn from the Library Directors how Springer could help them increase the usage of their electronic Springer resources. We conducted a short survey and as a thank you for their feedback, participants were given a scarf printed with “Keep Calm – Ask a Librarian”. The response was fantastic and we have many ideas and suggestions to work on!
Diana Alkema, Senior Account Development Specialist

Springer Corporate Sector conference attendance

Springer works with corporate customers across 16 different market verticals. This year, we extended our attendance at key events for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, having a presense at Pharma CI (US and Europe), Special Libraries Association Annual Meeting (SLA), SLA HTD, Annual Pharmacovigilance Risk Conference, Oman Medical Symposium, 25th Annual EuroMeeting (Drug Information Association) and the European Association of Hospital Pharmacies Conference 2013.

For the pharmaceutical industry conferences, the focus was to promote our Adis products which include journals and databases aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. For our health customers, we promoted Springer for Hospitals & Health plus Springer for R&D for our other corporate customers, plus the industry specific content collections developed for each group.
For some conferences, Springer provided sponsorship as well as hosting a dinner for customers, but overall our involvement included lunch and learns at each event and prize draws to encourage visitors to the Springer booth.
For me personally, the conferences present excellent opportunities to engage with new customers and to talk to prospective customers and for Springer, they provide an opportunity to generate and follow up on new sales leads as well as raise brand profile in our target market sectors.
Denise Egas, Corporate Marketing & Account Development

Conferences and Exhibitions 2013 - The Americas

LibraryZone also spoke to Leon Bolivar, Library Marketing Manager, about the conference highlights in The Americas:

Which were the main conferences that Springer attended in your region?

Our library sales and marketing team tries to attend as many conferences as possible as it allows us to meet our customers in a more informal setting. It also allows us the opportunity to introduce new products and services into the marketplace while having fun with it! This year, I would say the six big conferences in the Americas were: CBBD in Brazil, OLA in Canada, ALA MW, ALA, Charleston, and ACRL in the US, and the Guadalajara Book Fair (FIL) in Mexico.

What key themes did the conferences focus on this year?

For the most part, librarian conferences tend to have themes that focus on the future of libraries. They very eloquently and strategically answer the question “What’s Next?”

What role did Springer play at the conferences? e.g. sponsor, dinners, speaker slots, special events/ product launches, etc

All of the above! We provide general sponsorships and also sponsor speakers, we host Lunch and Learn sessions on different hot topics, we have customer appreciation happy hours, and at ALA MW we had our big unveiling of Springer’s newest product; the Springer Book Archives! We introduced the product with a big party atop the Space Needle, which was very well attended by our friends it the library community!

What were your own personal highlights from attending these conferences?

One of the things I always like to do is create some sort of fun “distraction” at our booth. Something that A) attracts librarians to the booth and B) leaves a memorable impression of Springer. At ALA in Chicago for example, we had two artists doing digital caricatures of the librarians. The digital images were then uploaded to our Facebook page and also printed, so the librarian had both a digital copy of their new portrait, as well as a printed out version they could wear around their neck on a lanyard! These were a lot of fun. We look forward to new, whacky, and fun in-booth promotions in 2014.

What were the key successes and “take aways” for Springer as a result of attending the conferences?

The most important thing for us at Springer is to ensure we have a strong, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationship with the library community we service. Attending these conferences not only allows us to keep strengthening that bond, but it allows us to position ourselves as an industry partner and not just a provider.