SpringerMaterials Applicability to Chemical Manufacturing

SpringerMaterials is the perfect resource for the research and development at chemical manufacturing companies. It is the world largest resource for the physical and chemical properties in Materials Science. Whether you are looking for information on chemicals, fertilizers or steels, SpringerMaterials is the perfect resource indispensable while performing physical and chemical analysis, developing new manufacturing processes, or other projects.

Find intrinsic properties like density, viscosity, structural data, spectral data for aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, organometallic compounds and polymers. Thermophysical properties of pure and binary mixtures, like azeotropic constants, virial coefficients, and thermodynamic properties like heats of solution, enthalpy, diffusion etc. Find Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium data and high pressure properties of organic systems. Search for details about specialty chemicals like MMA, ACN, styrene, and nitrogen based fertilizer materials. Use the chemical safety section the hazards and precautions of xylene, butadiene, glycols, styrene, and many more.

Organic Chemistry and Physical Properties

Intrinsic Properties like Theoretical structure of hydrocarbons and real organic molecules, spectral data of organic molecules, dipole and rotational moments, magnetism and reaction kinetics of C-centered radicals, NMR Spectroscopy data for aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, organometallic compounds, etc. Electronic structure and transport in condensed molecules like anthracene, naphthalene, glycine, etc. Refractive indices of pure organic liquids, binary mixtures, and organometallic compounds, and many more.
Thermophysical properties of pure organic compounds and binary mixtures from the Dortmund Database of Separation Technology. Properties include virial coefficients, density, molar heat capacities, surface tension, thermal conductivity, viscosity, etc of Benzene, 1,3-Butadiene, Hexene, etc. For binary mixtures, properties include Azeotropic Data, activity coefficients, mixture viscosity, vapor liquid equilibria, etc for systems like hexane/toluene, m-xylene/p-xylene, etc.

Thermodynamics of Organic systems

Heats of mixing and solution of alkanes, alkenes, aromatics and other binary hydrocarbon combinations, vapor-liquid equilibrium in organic mixtures and solutions, aqueous-organic systems, non-electrolytes, etc. Boiling mixtures equilibria, enthalpies of fusion and transition, vapor pressure and Antoine constants of hydrocarbons, and other organic compounds containing halogens, chalcogens, etc. Comprehensive coverage of the densities of organic compounds, including aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, amines, halohydrocarbons, phenols and polycyclic compounds. Diffusion in gases, liquids and their mixtures. Surface tension of pure and binary organic systems. Viscosity of pure organic liquids and compounds, organic-aqueous and organic-organic mixtures. Second and third virial coefficients, volumetric properties of binary non-electrolyte organic systems, high pressure properties of matter like compressibility, transport phenomena, phase equilibria, etc.

Specialty Chemicals

Find Properties of advanced materials and specialty chemicals like Sodium Cyanide, Dioctyl phthalate, the thermodynamics of higher olefins like dodecene and dodecylphenol, oxygenated fluids like IPA and MEK, etc. Search for the thermophysical property calculation of viscosity, surface tensions and densities of acrylonitrile, 2-methylbutane, and the others.
Fertilizer Chemicals: Find information on Urea and Diammonium Phosphate, and the properties of other nitrogen containing compounds. Physical properties of Ammonia from the Linus Pauling Files, chemical safety information, as well as its intended applications like melamine, ammonium sulphates, etc.

Polymers: Properties and Solution Equilibrium Data

Find solution properties for polymers in solution. Thermodynamic properties like vapor-liquid equilibrium data for organic-organic systems, long chain polymer systems like polyethylene or polystyrene in toluene, poly-vinyl chloride in water, etc. Liquid-liquid equilibrium data for polyethylene, polystyrene, poly (isoprene), etc in a variety of organic liquids. Lower Critical (LCST) and Upper Critical (UCST) Solution Temperature data. High pressure fluid phase equilibrium data for poly-C chain systems like poly (isobutylene), poly(ε-caprolactone), etc. Diffusion in semicrystalline and glassy polymers, acoustics and associated depolymerization effect in polymers, etc.

Metallurgy: Study of Iron and Steel

Phase Diagrams: SpringerMaterials is one of the largest sources for binary and ternary phase diagrams! Look for Iron systems, including Boron-Iron-Carbon, Carbon-Chromium-Iron, Iron-Nickel-Zinc, Iron-Titanium-Zirconium, Iron-Titanium-Vanadium, Chromium-Iron-Nickel, Iron-Molybdenum-Nickel, and many more!
The complete Linus Pauling Files: Covers the physical properties, diffraction data and phase diagrams for systems like Cr-Fe-Ni and Mn-Stabilized austenitic steels, C-Fe-Mn, Al-Fe-Ti, Tungsten Steel, Vanadium Steel, and ceramic materials like Silicon Carbide, Boron Nitride, Vanadium Nitride, etc!
Mechanical Behavior of Steel: The Deformation behavior of steel, plasticity of steel, and the flow stress of steel, Young’s Modulus, etc.Thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity, density and the thermal expansion of steel, etc. Data on the deformation behavior of 175 steel types based on steel numbers. Fatigue strength of iron and steel, impact energy of structural production parts, thermophysical properties, etc. Creeping and rupture behavior of carbon steels, low alloy steels, Cr-Steels, Austenitic steels, and advanced alloys like superalloys of Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt. etc.

Manufacturing Processes and Materials

Powder Metallurgy for metals and magnets, including production technology, atomization of metal powders, etc. Forming processes including uniaxial and isostatic compaction, spray forming of copper and aluminum alloys, injection moulding, etc. Hot Isostatically pressed (HIP) tool steels: heat treatment, chemical composition, microstructure, mechanical and physical properties, etc. Metallurgical filters, friction materials, contact materials, effects of additives like beryllium , etc.

Hazards and Chemical Safety

SpringerMaterials covers REACH, GHS, RoHS and WEEE chemical safety data, making it an excellent resource for hazard analysis and guidelines to handle materials like xylene, pyrene, butadiene, esters, glycols, styrene, etc. safely and responsibly within the facility, as well as during the scale-up of processes and technology developed in-house. Find information on Carbon Dioxide removal and storage, flue gas cleaning and heat removal, terrestrial carbon flux, global aerosols, etc. Create MSDS sheets for precursors, additives, by-products and decomposition products like Hydrogen Cyanide, ammonium chlorate, and all other aspects of the research and manufacturing of chemicals safely and efficiently!