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As a leading global scientific publisher Springer keeps looking into creating new and innovative products and services to deliver its quality content. This content should be accessible to all online users, no matter where they are, no matter what device they are using.

  • Mobile optimized websites
    - Web responsive design
    - Mobile website
  • Native apps (when appropriate)

SpringerLink at the leading edge of mobile design

The new SpringerLink is a ‘mobile first’ site that uses ‘responsive design’ technology so content is optimized for viewing on any device--laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

The advantage of Springer’s ‘mobile first’ approach is that no dedicated app for each operating system is needed. You simply open your browser, go to SpringerLink and it will always be the best experience possible regardless of device, screen size, or operating system. This strategy also allows us to maintain a consistent user experience across viewing devices.

To see how responsive design works just open any page on SpringerLink in your browser (on your desktop or laptop computer), then click the side of the browser screen and drag the screen to to minimize it. As you do so, you will reach two break points, where the design will change automatically because SpringerLink has detected that you have changed your screen size. Or you could just open the site on your smartphone or other mobile device.

We still have many ways in which we can improve and optimize the way that our pages display on mobile devices, but we’re proud to be leaders in the STM space in delivering a tailored experience to mobile users.

Mobile optimized website

Sometimes the functionality and/or weight of a website make a mobile optimized site a better solution for users.

The SpringerProtocols mobile website is instantly accessible via a browser across a range of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, BlackBerry, etc.) and provides the same basic features as the SpringerProtocols.com website. Users can now access the world’s largest collection of tested, trusted protocols while on the go, on any mobile device with a browser.

Click here to access the SpringerProtocols mobile site:

Mobile Apps

Springer has a growing collection of free (e.g. SpringerLink) and paid (e.g. fractalPhoto) mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets.

Springer mobile apps provide interactive engagement, personalization, content downloads, saved searches, and many other features. Perfect for users who desire Springer content through native apps.

Our list of mobile apps continues to increase so please come back often to explore our new offerings for both iOS and Android.

Click here for our current mobile apps line up:


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