Conservation Biology

Insect Conservation Biology

Authors: Samways, Michael

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This book is a paperback reprint of a previously published hardback.
Insects are the major component of the world's biodiversity. By virtue of their vast numbers of both species and individuals, they are vital determinants of terrestrial ecological processes. Quantiatively, insects are important pointers for species-rich geographical areas. Qualitatively, they are also important, whether the subjects of conservation themselves or as tools for identifying biotic areas with high endemism.
Insect Conservation Biology covers a wide range of topics from single species to landscape conservation, and from rare butterflies to the benefits-and-risks of biocontrol agents. The approach is both positive and realistic, with insects being discussed in the contexts of sustainable development, agroecology and monitoring environmental change. Ethical issues surrounding insects are also considered as well as clear ecommendations for the future.
Conservation circles have given too little attention to the ecological significance of insects, while entomologists have been engaged mostly in controlling a tiny minority of species of insect pests. The realms of conservationists and entomologists are brought together in this ground-breaking book.


` Insect Conservation Biology is successful as a broad introductory text, clearly written, informative, and enjoyable ... this well-illustrated book makes many intriguing comparisons among insect communities around the world.'
`... this book helps to identify the most urgent uses to which time and money should be devoted ... a great deal of work ... has gone into producing it ... the author's commitment of the cause makes this much more than a dry academic treatise.'
Insect Conservation News
`The realms of conservationist and entomologist are brought together in this ground breaking book.'
Ethology, Ecology and Evolution
`His text provides the most comprehensive assemblage of relevant information so far available.'
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment
`A ground-breaking work, covering a wide range of topics, from single sp. to landscape conservation.'
` ... this book helps to identify the most urgent issues to which time and money should be devoted.'
Invertebrate Conservation News
` ... what we really need are books that tell us something about the state of the world for particular groups of organisms and where the real gaps lie in our knowledge. From this perspective, Insect Conservation Biology is refreshingly different ... it will become a standard textbook for some years to come, and I thoroughly recommend its acquisition.'
Journal of Natural History
`This latest installment in Chapman and Hall's conservation biology series has done an admirable job of marrying disparate fields.'
Conservation Biology
`This book provides a clearly written, thoughtful, comprehensive and well illustrated introductory text for all concerned with insect ecology and conservation.'
Bulletin of Entomological Research
`It will prove an invaluable primer and reference for both beginning and experienced students of conservation biology.'
Global Biodiversity
`This fine book is filled with diverse but focused information on the most speciose group in the world.'
`An interesting volume ... a powerful and exciting read ... The author has extensive research experience...'
The Ohio Lepidopterist

Buy this book

Softcover $159.99
price for USA
  • ISBN 978-0-412-63450-5
  • Free shipping for individuals worldwide
  • Usually dispatched within 3 to 5 business days.

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Bibliographic Information
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Insect Conservation Biology
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Conservation Biology
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Springer Netherlands
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Springer Science+Business Media B.V.
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XVI, 358