Adis book program

Adis, a highly respected publisher of information on drugs for over 40 years and now part of Springer - the world’s number one eBook publisher - publishes all types of books on drugs and related areas, including other therapeutic or diagnostic interventions.

Publishing with Adis offers significant benefits to authors:

Visibility and global reach

Short time to market

  • Standardized workflows and latest technologies ensure smooth publication process

Global distribution

  • Included in Springer eBook subscriptions to thousands of institutions worldwide
  • Partners include Google, Amazon, eBook readers (e.g. iPad®) & traditional retailers

Improved discoverability

  • Springer platform search engine optimization and semantic linking

Available in many formats

  • eBook, traditional print and MyCopy
  • Digitally printed to order - your book will never be out of print

Springer marketing

  • Dedicated promotional pages on
  • Individual downloadable product flyers
  • New Book Alerts to thousands of subscribers

Expert guidance and personalized support

Author assistance

  • Expert Editors advise and consult from concept stage through to publication

Author resources

  • Manuscript guidelines, templates and search engine optimization tips
  • Tips for marketing yourself and your work
  • SpringerVideos - submit a video about your book

Annual book performance report

  • E-book usage & homepage views
  • 33% Author discount on Springer books - for life!