Social responsibility

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Welcome to the charitable organization Julius Springer Charitable Fund e.V.!

Our organization was founded in July 2004 to provide active financial support for people in need. These include employees of the scientific publishing group itself and their families, as well as other individuals who need the support of a charitable institution, through no fault of their own or for specific reasons.

The Julius Springer Charitable Fund e.V. intends to be a strong shoulder to lean on for these people in the years to come.

The organization is run by a committee on the basis of our statute. This administrative committee has six members:

  • Dr. Ewald Walgenbach , BC Partners Hamburg (Chairman)
  • Thorsten Alt, Chairman of Central Works Council (Vice Chairman)
  • Ralph Knüchel (Vice Chairman)
  • Gregor Karolus, CHRO Springer Nature (Member of the Board)
  • Dr. Ulrich Vest, CFO Springer Nature (Member of the Board)
  • Sigrid Spies (Member of the Board)


The objective of the Julius Springer Charitable Fund e.V. is the support of people in need by means of financial donations. These can be either employees of the specialist publishing group and their families or outside individuals. The requirement in both cases, however, is that the individuals are in need of support through no fault of their own or for specific reasons, are unable to escape this situation by their own or outside means, and cannot be supported or sufficiently supported by the social welfare system.
A legal right to payments from the Springer Science+Business Media - Hilfsfonds e.V. is, however, excluded in all cases.


If you have any questions or suggestions concerning our work, applications for support or donation procedures, please feel free to contact us.

Julius Springer Charitable Fund e.V.
Heidelberger Platz 3
14 197 Berlin
tel +49 30 / 827 87 - 52 20

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