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Aims and Scope: Silicon

The unique nature of silicon leaves it without any disciplinary boundaries. Therefore, the journal Silicon is for those working in materials chemistry, materials physics, materials engineering, materials biology, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanoscience, environmental science, modeling and theory. 

Silicon accepts submissions on subject areas including but not limited to:

  • semiconductors
  • polymers
  • ceramics
  • glasses
  • coatings
  • resins
  • composite materials
  • small molecule silicon chemistry
  • electronics
  • optoelectronics
  • and thin films

The Editor-in-Chief, associate editors and rigorous refereeing procedures will ensure that the journal maintains the highest levels of integrity, scientific standards and the broadest international coverage. Silicon accepts submissions from researchers in academia, industry, national research laboratories and research institutions.

Silicon is a publication platform for novel knowledge and scientific dialogue in all disciplines where silicon is an enabling element. Silicon accepts novel submissions in the form of short communications, original articles, essays, and reviews. Submitted articles are complete reports of significant results or conclusions, which focus on some aspect of silicon being present. Communications are preliminary reports (1500-2000 words) of unusually urgent significance and of wider interest. Reviews are critically evaluated surveys of progress (3000-6000 words) and should contain new information on the subject.

Silicon provides rapid online publication of articles on springerlink.com.