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1 July 2012

SpringerOpen - Springer takes the next step towards open access

SpringerOpen is Springer’s new suite of open access journals which will cover all disciplines. SpringerOpen journals are fully and immediately open access and will publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Six years have passed since Springer introduced Open Choice, the open access option for subscription journals, during which time we have all seen the interest in open access grow rapidly. President Obama has just included open access into his government plans, the German Research Foundation now sets money aside for open access, and funders in the Netherlands and the UK have an even longer track record in endorsing open access. Today not a week passes without an additional institution making open access mandatory or setting funds aside for open access article fees.
SpringerOpen Journal Cloud

About SpringerOpen 

Springer has recently started SpringerOpen to meet the growing demand for open access journals. SpringerOpen will cover all disciplines within the science, technology and medicine fields. The entire content of our e-only SpringerOpen journals – including research articles, reviews, and editorials – is fully and immediately open access, and is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Springer is committed to delivering the same high-quality articles and rapid publication as with its traditional journals, from online submission systems and in-depth peer review to an efficient, author-friendly production process. The final articles are not only published in a timely manner on Springer’s online information platform SpringerLink, but are also distributed to archives such as PubMed Central and to institutional repositories as requested.

Partnering with BioMed Central 

The open access publisher BioMed Central which Springer partnered with in 2008, will provide its expertise and technology to help establish the SpringerOpen portfolio. SpringerOpen journals will publish in emerging and interdisciplinary fields and will complement both the established Springer journal portfolios and BioMed Central’s growing list of over 200 life science and biomedicine journal titles.

SpringerOpen and the Creative Commons Attribution License 

The copyright of SpringerOpen articles remains with the authors and all articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (Springer will not reserve any exclusive commercial or non-commercial rights). As no subscriptions are required to read these journals, the author is asked to pay an article-processing charge, which will range between EUR 800 and 1,300. The first SpringerOpen journal, for example, the Journal of Mathematics in Industry charges a fee of EUR 1,000 upon acceptance.

Springer’s Open Access Membership model 

Furthermore, in order to reduce the financial burden faced by individual authors, Springer and BioMed Central are collaborating to extend BioMed Central’s Open Access Membership model, offered to institutions, societies, groups, funders and corporations, to include the SpringerOpen titles. More than 340 institutional open access membership arrangements are currently in place.
Wim Van Der Stelt
“We are seeing an increasing interest from our authors and from funders in all areas for open access publishing options and have responded to a need in the current market,” said Wim van der Stelt, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Springer. “We are happy to serve our authors and editorial boards with the publishing options they want and are also pleased to supply universities, research institutions and our other patrons with the ability to use this content online freely and conveniently.”
Society Zone, Issue 12, Fall 2010