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Science China Press 

  • President: Peng, Bin - email: binpeng@mail.sciencep.com
  • General Manager: Xiao, Hong - email: xiaohong@mail.sciencep.com
  • Editor-in-Chief: Shi, Yong Chao - email: syc@scichina.org
  • Vice General Manager : Yan, Jin - email: yanjin@scichina.org
  • Vice Editor-in-Chief: Ren, Sheng Li - email: rensl@mail.nsfc.gov.cn
Journal titleEmailTelephone Number
SCIENCE CHINA Mathematicsmathematics@scichina.org
CHAI Zhao chaizhao@scichina.org
ZHANG Rui Yan zhangry@scichina.org
YANG Zhi Hua zhihua@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 6232
chemistry@scichina.org ZHU Xiao Wen (Director) zhuxiaowen@scichina.org
FANG Chen fangchen@scichina.org
SONG Guan Qun songguanqun@scp.ac.cn
TIAN Ying, tianying@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 6732
SCIENCE CHINA Life Sciences life@scichina.org
LI Jiyuan (Vice Director) ljy@scichina.org
LU Shan lushan@scichina.org
HU Ke Xing hxk@scichina.org
LIU Hui, liuhui@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 5399
SCIENCE CHINA Earth Sciences geo@scichina.org
WEI Jian Jing (Director) wjj@scichina.org
XU Zi Jian xuezj@scichina.org
JU Jian Ting jujt@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 5883
SCIENCE CHINA Technological Sciences technology@scichina.org
AN Mei (Director) anmei@scichina.org
YU Shi Mei ysm@scichina.org
TANG Mei tangmei@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 6731
SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences informatics@scichina.org
SONG Fei song@scichina.org
FENG Jing fengjing@scichina.org
LIU Xu liuxu@scichina.org
+86 10 6401 5683
SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy physics@scichina.org
HUANG Yan Hong (Vice Director)
ZHU Quan E zhuquane@scichina.org
WANG Jing wangj@scichina.org
HOU Xiu Zhou
+86 10 6401 5835
Chinese Science Bulletin csb@scichina.org
AN Rui ( Vice Director) anrui@scichina.org ZHANG Li ( Vice Director) zhangli@scichina.org
SUN Shu Jun ssj@scichina.org
FU Li fuli@scichina.org
WANG Yuan Huo wyh@scichina.org
LIN Lin, linlin@scichina.org
LI Zhao Lin zhlli@scichina.org
YAN Bei yanbei@scichina.org
ZHAO Feng Chao, fengchao@scichina.org
LI Zhan Ying lizy@scichina.org
+86 10 6403 6120

Language Editors 

ZHANG Li Wei, zola@scichina.org Tel: +86 10 64034559

Sales and Marketing in Mainland China 

WANG Wei Jie, wangweijie@scichina.org, Tel: +86 10 64019709
LEI Min, sales@scichina.org Tel: +86 10 64019709