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Social Sciences - Population Studies | Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development

Demographic Transformation and Socio-Economic Development

New Book Series

Series Editors: 

  • Yves Charbit
    Professor, Paris Descartes University, Director of CEPED
  • Ian Pool
    Emeritus Professor, University of Waikato, New Zealand
While building on the population and development paradigms of recent decades, this innovative series also moves away from it. It offers a seminal platform on which empirical results representative of emerging paradigms, as well as the leading-edge methodologies and theories that underpin them, can be communicated to a wider scholarly community. It calls for contributions that address one or more of the following emerging questions and any intellectually creative intersection of them:
1. In a shift away from the populationist perspective of recent decades that focused on growth and numbers, it emphasizes wider demographic transformations occurring through age-structural, demographic, epidemiologic, labour-force and mobility transitions, and their underlying determinants and consequences. It also invites manuscripts on problems of socio-economic development faced by high growth populations or disjunctions between population change and food security, poverty, and access to potable water.
2. Studies on population and development have centered on the economy, often narrowly defined, and the environment. This series recognizes that socio-economic development also involves social and cultural factors and that demographic changes are both cause and effect of various shifts occurring in most spheres of life.
3. It seeks manuscripts that bring methodological and conceptual innovations to the analysis of population and development. These could range from anthropological and other micro-level approaches that show, inter alia, how decision-making occurs to macro-level approaches, such as those on the demographic dividend.
The traditional boundaries between ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ are becoming increasingly blurred, so though the series is oriented towards the Third World and former Soviet societies in transition, it will also consider manuscripts that relate to populations in the First World. It implicitly accepts the effects of globalization on individuals and communities, perhaps most manifest in those migrating between different global regions.
Finally, the series Editors are especially interested in manuscripts from researchers in developing countries, given that the perspective of such authors has been neglected for too long in the literature of the field.

Manuscript Length 

The length of each book will be around 200 printed pages (approx. 110,000 words), including endnotes, references, tables and charts. Interested authors are requested to submit an initial book proposal (about 1,000 words in length) for consideration by the editors, after which a more detailed book proposal may be requested. Following submission of a more detailed book proposal, potential contributors to this book series may be offered a contract by the publisher, specifying the details of mutual obligations and expectations. After signing a contract with Springer, it is expected that the potential contributor will submit the final manuscript within the ensuing 9-12 months.
The author’s final submission, a book-length manuscript, will be peer reviewed. Acceptance of the manuscript will be based on favourable reports by the peer reviewers.

For further information please contact: 

  • Professor Yves Charbit
    Paris Descartes University
    Director of CEPED
    19 Rue Jacob
    75006 Paris
    Email: yves.charbit@ceped.org
  • Professor Ian Pool
    University of Waikato
    Population Studies Centre
    National Institute for Demographic and Economic Analysis
    Gate 1 Knighton Road
    Private Bag 3105, Hamilton 3240
    New Zealand
    Email: pool.sceats@xtra.co.nz
  • Evelien Bakker
    Springer Science+Business Media
    Van Godewijckstraat 30 / 3311 GX
    P.O. Box 17 / 3300 AA
    The Netherlands
    Email: evelien.bakker@springer.com