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Editor: N. Rose; I. Singh; C. Waldby

ISSN: 1745-8552 (print version)
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Journal no. 41292

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Welcome to BioSocieties, an interdisciplinary journal for the social studies of life sciences.

BioSocieties’ 2016 Impact Factor rises to 2.162

We are extremely pleased to announce that the 2016 Impact Factor for BioSocieties has increased from 1.789 to 2.162. The journal’s position in the Social Sciences, Biomedical category ranking also jumped four placed to 8/39. These impressive results, reported in the Thomson Reuters 2016 Journal Citation Reports®, are testament to the consistent hard work of the editorial team and we congratulate them for their achievement.

BioSocieties welcomes Anne Pollock to the editorial team !

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Anne Pollock (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA) to the BioSocieties editorial team, as Associate Editor. Dr. Pollock’s expertise and experience are a welcome addition to the journal and we warmly welcome her aboard.
Dr. Pollock is an Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Culture at the Georgia Institute of Technology and she is also the Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Science, Technology and Society. Her research and teaching focus on biomedicine and culture, theories of race and gender, and how science and medicine are mobilized in social justice projects, and she is especially interested in how medical categories and technologies are enrolled in telling stories about identity and difference. Dr. Pollock’s ongoing projects explore three key areas: feminism and heart disease; American health disparities and citizenship claims; and drug discovery efforts by and for the global south (especially South Africa).


We are pleased to announce that our new online submission system for BioSocieties is live! The link for the new system, called Editorial Manager, is https://www.editorialmanager.com/BIOJ
Got a paper already under consideration in the old system?
You don’t need to take any action. Your paper will be handled through the current submission system until an editorial decision has been made.
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Prospective authors should submit their manuscript to Editorial Manager for consideration.
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Five minutes with Nikolas Rose

Read an interview with Editor Nikolas Rose on the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog discussing the role of the social sciences in the study of the mind, the interplay between research and policy and his work on the interdisciplinary, European Commission-funded Human Brain Project.

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  • Journal Citation Reports®
    2016 Impact Factor
  • 2.162
  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    BioSocieties is committed to the scholarly exploration of the crucial social, ethical and policy implications of developments in the life sciences and biomedicine. These developments are increasing our ability to control our own biology; enabling us to create novel life forms; changing our ideas of ‘normality’ and ‘abnormality’; transforming our understanding of personal identity, family relations, ancestry and ‘race’; altering our social and personal expectations and responsibilities; reshaping global economic opportunities and inequalities; creating new global security challenges; and generating new social, ethical, legal and regulatory dilemmas. To address these dilemmas requires us to break out from narrow disciplinary boundaries within the social sciences and humanities, and between these disciplines and the natural sciences, and to develop new ways of thinking about the relations between biology and sociality and between the life sciences and society.

    BioSocieties provides a crucial forum where the most rigorous social research and critical analysis of these issues can intersect with the work of leading scientists, social researchers, clinicians, regulators and other stakeholders. BioSocieties defines the key intellectual issues at the science-society interface, and offers pathways to the resolution of the critical local, national and global socio-political challenges that arise from scientific and biomedical advances.

    As the first journal of its kind, BioSocieties publishes scholarship across the social science disciplines, and represents a lively and balanced array of perspectives on controversial issues. In its inaugural year BioSocieties demonstrated the constructive potential of interdisciplinary dialogue and debate across the social and natural sciences. We are becoming the journal of choice not only for social scientists, but also for life scientists interested in the larger social, ethical and policy implications of their work. The journal is international in scope, spanning research and developments in all corners of the globe.

    BioSocieties is published quarterly, with occasional themed issues that highlight some of the critical questions and problematics of modern biotechnologies. Articles, response pieces, book reviews, and self-standing editorial pieces by social and life scientists form a regular part of the journal.

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