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Advances in Medical Education provides a platform for exchanging experiences and knowledge about medical education, both in terms of its practice and also related scholarship. The series provides an opportunity to publish reviews of selected topic areas, issues of general significance to theory development in medical education, and critical analyses of professional practice and scholarship in medical education.

The series promotes the dissemination of issues that arise in the context of medical education scholarship and practice, including the larger context provided by the social sciences from which much of the scholarship in this field derives. The series will publish work from leading scholars and practitioners in the field, based on their basic research, administrative, and educational activities. Each volume will be dedicated to a specific theme in medical education, providing a convenient resource of material to help advance the field.

The target audience are educational researchers, medical school administrators, clinicians who practice medical education, and hospital managers and administrators who wish to remain at the forefront of thinking in their field of application.

Discontinued series: although this series no longer publishes new content, the published titles listed here remain available.
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  • Susanne Lajoie,
  • Yvonne Steinert

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