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Ius Gentium is a book series which discusses the central questions of law and justice from a comparative perspective. The books in this series collect the contrasting and overlapping perspectives of lawyers, judges, philosophers and scholars of law from the world's many different jurisdictions for the purposes of comparison, harmonisation, and the progressive development of law and legal institutions. Each volume makes a new comparative study of an important area of law. This book series continues the work of the well-known journal of the same name and provides the basis for a better understanding of all areas of legal science.

The Ius Gentium series provides a valuable resource for lawyers, judges, legislators, scholars, and both graduate students and researchers in globalisation, comparative law, legal theory and legal practice. The series has a special focus on the development of international legal standards and transnational legal cooperation.

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Series Editor
  • Mortimer Sellers,
  • James Maxeiner

Book titles in this series

  1. Human Rights Behind Bars

    Tracing Vulnerability in Prison Populations Across Continents from a Multidisciplinary Perspective

    • Clara Burbano Herrera
    • Yves Haeck
    • Copyright: 2022
    • Published: 02 October 2022