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Surveys and Tutorials in the Applied Mathematical Sciences

Surveys and Tutorials in the Applied Mathematical Sciences

Editor-in-chief: Sirovich, Lawrence
Series Editors: Antman, S., Brenner, M., Victor, J., Holmes, P., Mahadevan, L., Greengard, L.

ISSN: 2199-4765

The history of science, from its very beginnings, is replete with great achievements facilitated by innovative mathematical thinking. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common for mathematics to be only loosely linked to the science, by an online device called Supplementary Material. This practice is especially common in biology, the heroic science our age, but it also is present in other fields.
The result is usually poorly coupled mathematics that is presented in a manner that fails to convey the central role that analytical thinking plays in achieving the full scientific understanding of a subject. With this in mind, the STAMS series of Springer-Verlag will take on the new goal of countering this tendency, while retaining its existing goal of providing short, up-to-date, readable tutorials and surveys, written in a style accessible to researchers, professionals and graduate students, which can serve as an introduction to recent and emerging subject areas.
In future we therefore will strive to publish manuscripts that emphasize the dual roles of science and mathematics and which achieve the goal of scientific exposition that invites mathematical interest and vice versa.
Advances in technology relax the requirements for a manuscript to be a book; in the near future we will publish short volumes starting at 50 pages that still capture scientific vitality and mathematical creativity, and which will be characterized by fast, global electronic dissemination through a variety of electronic media and expedited publication schedules for both electronic and print formats. -Lawrence Sirovich, editor-in-chief

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