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Springer’s World Forests series continues to provide a key forum for urgently needed research-based syntheses of globally relevant issues on the interrelations between forests, society and the environment. It has become more and more evident that forests offer a significant and necessary potential as mankind is facing existential challenges. Threats related to the loss of biodiversity and climate change cannot be successfully combatted without addressing the multiple roles of world forests. At the same time, as societies are embarking on green transition aiming at disconnecting their reliance on fossil economy and moving toward resource efficiency, renewable energy sources and new technologies, effective policies need to be designed to tackle the threats and opportunities present in managing and utilizing forests worldwide. With this is mind, the World Forests series appeals to a wide range of interested readers including national and international audiences concerned with environmental and economic policy issues; students and researchers; business professionals, and non-governmental organizations. We publish volumes on both multidisciplinary studies with a broad range of coverage, as well as more focused in-depth analyses of a particular issue with high relevancy.

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  • Jussi Uusivuori,
  • Yaoqi Zhang

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