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Computer Communications and Networks

Computer Communications and Networks

Series Ed.: Sammes, Anthony

ISSN: 1617-7975


Titles in this series now included in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index!

The Computer Communications and Networks series is a range of textbooks, monographs and handbooks. It sets out to provide students, researchers, and non-specialists alike with a sure grounding in current knowledge, together with comprehensible access to the latest developments in computer communications and networking.

Emphasis is placed on clear and explanatory styles that support a tutorial approach, so that even the most complex of topics is presented in a lucid and intelligible manner.

Springer is seeking to publish quality books in areas including, but not limited to:
- Computer Networks (general)
- Data Communications
- Distributed Computing
- Parallel and Systolic Computing
- Network and Information Security
- Network Architecture
- Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
- Mobile Computing
- Virtual Private Networks
- Advanced Network Protocol Design and Analysis
- Protocol Verification and Validation
- Network Testing
- Network Management
- Reliability and Fault Tolerance
- Performance Modelling
- Quality of Service
- Routing and Traffic Engineering
- Web Computing
- Network Programming
- Grid Computing

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