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The book series provides a platform for the publication of studies on sciences in the ancient worlds that bring innovative methods into play and address new theoretical issues. It is predicated on the conviction that the history of ancient sciences raises theoretical questions and requires new methodologies in a way that can inspire many other fields. For instance, with the help of innovative methods, ancient mathematical documents allow us to shed a unique light on the manuscript cultures, in the context of which they were composed. Such research is essential to offer new ways of interpreting our sources. Ancient mathematical documents also offer new types of evidence allowing historians of ancient economies to develop new forms of analysis and tread new ground. Ancient mathematical sources from all parts of the world compel us to rethink notions such as quantities, numbers, and measurement units, in ways that reopen these questions for the History and Philosophy of Science at large. More generally, the book series shows how ancient science can be a vector pollinating research in anthropology, linguistics, science education, and other fields in the humanities.

This book series thus publishes books that contribute to building bridges between the history of sciences in the ancient worlds and other fields, and highlight how ancient sciences offer resources to raise new questions, and develop new methods in other domains. Such new methods invite critical reflection not only on past historical research, which the book series promotes, but also vis-à-vis present-day uses of ancient science in various forums.

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  • Karine Chemla,
  • Agathe Keller,
  • Christine Proust

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