About this book series

Palgrave Studies in Presidential Politics publishes books on all aspects of presidential politics. We welcome proposals for monographs, edited volumes and Pivots on topics such as:

·         Contemporary presidencies and presidential powers 

·         Presidential elections and presidential party politics

·         Presidential relations with the legislature

·         The media and presidential communication

·         The administrative presidency and presidential advisers


·         The history of presidential offices and presidential biographies

The series focuses on presidents throughout the world, including both directly elected and indirectly elected presidents, both single-country and comparative studies of presidential politics. It also includes volumes on conceptual or theoretical aspects, such as how to measure presidential power. Moreover, the series considers book projects on the reform of presidential politics, e.g. the reform of presidential elections.  

For further information on the series and to submit a proposal for consideration, please get in touch with:

·         Commissioning Editor Ambra Finotello ambra.finotello@palgrave.com

·         Series Editor Gianluca Passarelli gianluca.passarelli@uniroma1.it


Series Editor
  • Gianluca Passarelli

Book titles in this series