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Interdisciplinary Evolution Research

Interdisciplinary Evolution Research

Series Editors: Gontier, Nathalie, Pombo, Olga

ISSN: 2199-3068

The series provides a scholarly platform for the growing demand to examine specific evolutionary problems of life and the sociocultural domain from within multiple disciplines. 

Evolutionary research fields are currently extending the classic Modern Synthesis. Scholars have identified numerous means by which life evolves. Besides, by means of natural selection, mechanisms that underlie reticulate evolution, eco-evo-devo, drift theory, and the macroevolutionary sciences shed new light on the origin and evolution of life at all ranks of the biological hierarchy. 
These new evolutionary approaches are currently implemented in disciplines as varied as the developmental and psychological sciences, the sociocultural and linguistic sciences, physics or medicine which in turn necessitates scholars to cross disciplinary boundaries

Interdisciplinary Evolution Research does not adhere to one specific academic field, one specific school of thought, or one specific evolutionary theory. Rather, it investigates well-defined evolutionary problems from inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives enabling scholars to develop unified jargon and methodology.