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New & Forthcoming Titles | Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality ( Miscellaneous)

Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality

Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality

Editor-in-chief: Tuomela, Raimo
Schmid, Hans Bernhard, Hudin, Jennifer (Eds.)

Editorial Board


Raimo Tuomela (Prof. Emer., University of Helsinki, University of Munich)

Managing Editors 

  • Hans Bernhard Schmid (Prof., University of Vienna)
  • Jennifer Hudin (Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley)

Advisory Board 

- Robert Audi, Notre Dame University (Philosophy)
- Michael Bratman, Stanford University (Philosophy)
- Cristiano Castelfranchi, University of Siena (Cognitive Science)
- David Copp, University of California at Davis (Philosophy)
- Ann Cudd, University of Kentucky (Philosophy)
- John Davis, Marquette University and University of Amsterdam (Economics)
- Wolfgang Detel, University of Frankfurt (Philosophy)
- Andreas Herzig, University of Toulouse (Computer Science)
- Ingvar Johansson, Umeå University (Philosophy)
- Byron Kaldis, University of Athens (Philosophy)
- Martin Kusch, University of Vienna (Philosophy)
- Christopher Kutz, University of California at Berkeley (Law)
- Eerik Lagerspetz, University of Turku (Philosophy)
- Pierre Livet, Universite de Provence
- Tony Lawson, University of Cambridge (Economics)
- Kirk Ludwig, University of Florida (Philosophy)
- Uskali Mäki, Academy of Finland (Philosophy)
- Kay Mathiesen, University of Arizona (Information Science and Philosophy)
- Larry May, Vanderbilt University (Philosophy and Law)
- Georg Meggle, University of Leipzig (Philosophy)
- Anthonie Meijers, University of Eindhoven (Philosophy)
- Seumas Miller, Australian National University and Charles Sturt University (Philosophy)
- Elisabeth Pacherie, Jean Nicod Institute, Paris (Cognitive Science)
- Henry Richardson, Georgetown University (Philosophy)
- Michael Quante, University of Münster (Philosophy)
- John Searle (Philosophy, University of California at Berkeley)
- Michael Tomasello (Developmental Psychology, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig)

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