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New & Forthcoming Titles | Geobotany Studies - Basics, Methods and Case Studies

Geobotany Studies

Geobotany Studies

Basics, Methods and Case Studies

Series Ed.: Pedrotti, Franco

ISSN: 2198-2562

The series includes outstanding monographs and collections of papers on a given topic in the following fields: Phytogeography, Phytosociology, Plant Community Ecology, Biocoenology, Vegetation Science, Eco-informatics, Landscape Ecology, Vegetation Mapping, Plant Conservation Biology and Plant Diversity. Contributions are expected to reflect the latest theoretical and methodological developments or to present new applications at large spatial or temporal scales that could reinforce our understanding of ecological processes acting at the phytocoenosis and vegetation landscape level. Case studies based on large data sets are also considered, provided they support habitat classification refinement, plant diversity conservation or vegetation change prediction.
Geobotany Studies: Basics, Methods and Case Studies is the successor to Braun-Blanquetia published by the University of Camerino between 1984 and 2011 with cooperation of Station Internationale de Phytosociologie (Bailleul-France) and Dipartimento di Botanica ed Ecologia (Universite' de Camerino - Italia) and under the aegis of Societe' Amicale Francophone de Phytosociologie, Societe' Francaise de Phytosociologie, Rheinold Tuexen Gesellschaft and the Eastern Alpine and Dinaric Society for Vegetation Ecology.
This series aims to promote the expansion, evolution and application of the invaluable scientific legacy of the Braun-Blanquetia school.