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The book series Quantum Science and Technology is dedicated to one of today's most active and rapidly expanding fields of research and development. In particular, the series will be a showcase for the growing number of experimental implementations and practical applications of quantum systems. These will include, but are not restricted to: quantum information processing, quantum computing, and quantum simulation; quantum communication and quantum cryptography; entanglement and other quantum resources; quantum interfaces and hybrid quantum systems; quantum memories and quantum repeaters; measurement-based quantum control and quantum feedback; quantum nanomechanics, quantum optomechanics and quantum transducers; quantum sensing and quantum metrology; as well as quantum effects in biology. Last but not least, the series will include books on the theoretical and mathematical questions relevant to designing and understanding these systems and devices, as well as foundational issues concerning the quantum phenomena themselves. Written and edited by leading experts, the treatments will be designed for graduate students and other researchers already working in, or intending to enter the field of quantum science and technology.
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Series Editor
  • Raymond Laflamme,
  • Daniel Lidar,
  • Arno Rauschenbeutel,
  • Renato Renner,
  • Jingbo Wang,
  • Yaakov S. Weinstein,
  • H. M. Wiseman

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