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Psychology | Aims and Scope: Metabolomics

Aims and Scope: Metabolomics

Metabolomics publishes current research in the areas of: the development of various technology platforms for metabolomics, metabolite target analysis, metabolic profiling and metabolic fingerprinting; improvements in data preparation, storage, curation and analyses; comparative integrated studies with transcriptomics and proteomics including within a systems biology context; and the application of metabolomics within man, animals, plants and microbes. Metabolomics is a broad-based journal that is indispensable to those whose work has implications of near-term practical benefit.

Features of Metabolomics include:   

-Wide-ranging and rigorously peer-reviewed research papers and reviews  

-A Metabolomics comment section for responses from readers on articles published, conference announcements and reports, funding initiatives and other metabolomics topics

-Occasional special issues focusing on subjects of particular interest


Metabolomics  is the official journal of the Metabolomics Society (http://www.metabolomicssociety.org/).