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Psychology - Child & School Psychology | Aims and Scope: Instructional Science

Aims and Scope: Instructional Science

Instructional Science is an interdisciplinary refereed scholarly journal aimed at promoting a deeper understanding of the nature, theory and practice of the instructional process and of the learning to which it gives rise. The journal’s conception of ‘instruction’ is broad-based, recognising that there are many ways to stimulate and support learning. Papers published in recent years represent a wide variety of perspectives from the learning sciences. The journal covers learning by people of all ages, in all areas of the curriculum, and in informal as well as formal learning contexts.

Although the journal occasionally publishes review articles, strong preference is given to reports of original empirical research and the journal is unusual in giving space for full and detailed reporting of major studies. While studies focussing on learning processes, learning technology, learner characteristics and learning outcomes are welcome, papers published in the journal all make an explicit contribution to the science of instruction by drawing out the instructional implications of new research on learning.

Instructional Science publishes a guest-edited thematic special issue in most years. Recent issues have been on cognitive load theory, networked learning, web-based instruction, teachers’ thinking in higher education, epistemology and instructional design and the francophone tradition of didactique. Contact one of the Editors if you have a suggestion for a special issue.