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Most Cited Articles

Data from ISI Web of Science as per February 2010.
Published in 2008-2009:

Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of esters useful for formulation of nematic mixtures for dual frequency addressing system  

Author(s): Ziobro D, Kula P, Dziaduszek J, et al.

Title: New material systems for third generation infrared photodetectors 

Detection and characterization of breast tumours by time-domain scanning optical mammography  

Author(s): Rinneberg H, Grosenick D, Moesta KT, et al.


Published in 2006-2007:

A review of size and geometrical factors influencing resonant frequencies in metamaterials 

Author(s): Johnson NP, Khokhar AZ, Chong HM, et al.

Laser-driven generation of fast particles 

Photonic liquid crystal fibers - a new challenge for fiber optics and liquid crystals photonics 

Author(s): Wolinski TR, Ertman S, Lesiak P, et al.

InAs/GaSb superlattice focal plane arrays for high-resolution thermal imaging  

Author(s): Rehm R, Walther M, Schmitz J, et al.