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Acoustics Editors 

  • Jace Harker

    Jace Harker

    Editor, Physics, Springer New York
    - Optics; Acoustics; Atomic and Plasma Physics; Signal Processing; Cross-Disciplinary Fields

    Phone: +1 (212) 460-1636
    Fax: +1 (212) 647-1898

  • Alex Greene

    Alex Greene

    Editorial Director US Applied Sciences
    Electronics and Microelectronics; Signals and Speech Processing; Circuits and Systems; Electrical Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

    Phone: +1(212)2575205

  • Dr. Christoph Baumann

    Dr. Christoph Baumann

    Senior Editor Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials and Biomechanics; Materials Science, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics + Mechanical Engineering; Acoustics; Signal, Speech + Image Processing; Communication Engineering

    Phone: +49 6221 487 8730

  • Nathalie Jacobs

    Nathalie Jacobs

    Senior Editor Engineering
    Solid and Fluid Mechanics; Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; Computational Methods; Robotics and Control; Civil Engineering, Materials and Structures

    Phone: + 31 78 657-6196
    Fax: + 31 78 657-6254

  • Veronika Hamm

    Veronika Hamm

    Springer Handbook Coordinator, Springer
    Physical Sciences and Engineering Editorial

    Phone: +49 6221 4878921

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