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Philosophy | Aims and Scope: Gold Bulletin

Aims and Scope: Gold Bulletin

Gold Bulletin is the premier international peer reviewed journal on the latest science, technology and applications of gold. It includes papers on the latest research advances, state-of-the-art reviews, conference reports, book reviews and highlights of patents and scientific literature. Gold Bulletin has been published over 40 years as a multidisciplinary journal read by chemists, physicists, engineers, metallurgists, materials scientists, biotechnologists, surface scientists, and nanotechnologists amongst others, both within industry and academia.

Gold Bulletin is published in conjunction with the World Gold Council.

This journal is an open access journal, which provides free access to its articles to anyone, anywhere! Publications are fully sponsored by the World Gold Council.

For readers: All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License. You can read, redistribute and reuse the articles for free, as long as you cite the authors of the original work properly.

For authors: By publishing with open access you can keep the copyright to your work. No fees are charged to authors for publishing in Gold Bulletin.