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Biological Theory

Biological Theory

Editor-in-Chief: Stuart A. Newman

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“Hands-on” Workshop on Historical, Philosophical, and Interdisciplinary Writing & Publishing


Isabella Sarto-Jackson (Biological Theory)

Discussants / Speakers:

Gregory Radick (Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences)
Michael Dietrich (Journal of the History of Biology)
Staffan Mueller-Wille (History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences)


ISHPSSB Education Committee


The aim of this workshop is to familiarize PhD students and young scholars with the requirements for publishing in an academic journal. Participants should receive information about the reviewing and publishing process.
Firstly, young scholars should get acquainted with the idea that publishing their work is an eminent part of communicating their ideas. Secondly, information conveyed in this workshop should encourage young historians and philosophers to deal early in their career with the subject of how to get their work published and installing an appropriate workflow for publishing their work. Thirdly, tips and recommendations from the editors should help to reduce putative threshold fear of submitting one´s work.


MONDAY July 17, 2017, at the ISHPSSB 2017 meeting in Sao Paolo
15:30-17:00 – Parallel sessions 3 , ORGANIZED SESSIONS DIVERSE FORMAT


90 minutes workshop open to all participants of the ISHPSSB 2017 meeting, especially targeted at PhD students and early Post-docs.


About 45 min
Plenary (“hands-on” part for the audience): about 45 min following the panel


a. Panel:
  • Introduction to the journal by the EiC
  • The reviewing process
- How are reviewers chosen
- Open versus single versus double blind reviews
- Acceptance / rejection rates
- Reasons for rejection
- From submission to publication: duration, pitfalls, etc.
b. Plenary (“hands-on” part):
  • Workshop participants will be invited to send paper excerpts via email (publicationworkshop@kli.ac.at) to the ISHPSSB education committee; papers that can be sent should be either in a final stage (ready for submission to a journal) or have already been submitted and rejected
  • the authors of the paper excerpts may remain anonymous
  • all invited editors of the workshop will have access to the submitted paper excerpts
  • paper excerpts will be discussed in the plenary; editors will give recommendations to the authors

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