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AMB Express 

Alexander Steinbüchel
“AMB Express" is a high-quality journal clearly devoted to Industrial Microbiology and in particular White and Red Biotechnology. These interdisciplinary sciences have become increasingly important in the last decades, and they are steadily further developing and continuously increasing in importance and impacts for industry and society.”
“Whereas many new journals with a focus in specialized fields were founded in the last years, this journal will provide a platform for papers related to the traditional and established fields in biotechnology and industrial microbiology.”
Alexander Steinbüchel, University of Münster

EJNMMI Research 

Angelika Bischof Delaloye,
"EJNMMI Research aims to be a platform of lively scientific exchange on new findings in basic, translational and clinical research in nuclear medicine and related matters. It should address biology and medicine as well as radiochemistry, radiopharmacy, radiophysics, dosimetry and instrumentation. The open access allows speeding up the publication process and therefore favours rapid communication of new scientific results, even if still preliminary. Manuscripts are accepted for publication only after thorough peer review.
EJNMMI Research has been launched by Springer as a companion journal to the EJNMMI and not as a competitor. It offers space to authors whose manuscripts, despite high quality, cannot be accommodated by the EJNMMI for various reasons. It also offers the possibility to publish reviews, short communications and selected case reports. Educational papers intend to improve and enlarge understanding and knowledge in particularly active research domains. Editorials and letters complete the exchange of views and ideas."
Angelika Bischof Delaloye,
University of Lausanne

Energy, Sustainability and Society 

"Energy is one of the most important resources for the sustainable development of mankind. We all are responsible for the economical usage of the available and for the search for novel energy sources which have to be environmentally friendly and economically feasible. In light of the tragic events at Japan's tsunami-crippled nuclear plant Fukushima there has never been a better time for launching a new multidisciplinary, international SpringerOpen journal that particularly welcomes articles from the field of novel energies
  • addressing complex issues with innovation potential at the interface of science, environment, technology and society,
    concentrating on technological breakthroughs and major innovations in the emerging field of energy,
  • integrating environmental and social needs with future economics,
  • and dealing with environmentally friendly energies rather than focusing solely on renewable energies".
Michael Narodoslawsky
University of Graz
Graz, Austria
Managing Editor
Dagmar Fiedler
UFZ - Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research
Leipzig, Germany

Environmental Sciences Europe (ESEU) 

Henner Hollert
"Environmental Sciences Europe (ESEU) – Bridging Science and Regulation at the Regional and European Level is the first SpringerOpen journal in the entire field of Environmental Sciences. ESEU is an international high-quality journal, focusing primarily on Europe, with a broad scope covering all aspects of environmental sciences and regulation as its main topic. The journal aims to bridge the gap between academia, industry and administrative bodies to report on developments in all aspects of Environmental Sciences, including both basic and applied environmental research, as well as regulatory issues.
ESEU has been developed from the journal Umweltwissenschaften und Schadstoff-Forschung (UWSF), which has been the most influential platform for environmental issues in the German-speaking DACH countries (Germany, Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland) for more than two decades.
The journal publishes a broad spectrum of scientific and non-scientific contributions, including reviews, research articles, opinion papers, presentations of projects, institutions and curricula, news on policy and legislation, and news on science and technology, as well as articles from its closely connected societies: SETAC Europe (German language branch), the GDCh Division “Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology,” and the VGöD (Verband für Geoökologie in Deutschland / Association for Geoecology in Germany."
Henner Hollert, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Health Economics Review 

Sebastian Braun
"Health Economics Review is the first open access journal covering all fields of health economics. The published research is immediately and permanently available online free of charge. We as the editorial team believe in the scientific value of this electronic publication model and its future success. The high-ranked international editorial board and the double-blind peer review process guarantee high-quality publications and will lead to a soon listing in the most relevant scientific databases."
Managing Editor
Sebastian Braun, Leibniz University Hannover

Journal of Applied Volcanology  

David Johnston
"Significant portions of the world's population are at risk from the impacts of volcanic activity. While the timing of eruptions may be unknown or uncertain, their impacts and long term effects can be assessed. Recent eruptions, such as Chaiten Volcano, Chile, and Mt. Merapi, Indonesia, have demonstrated the devastating impacts of volcanic activity on nearby landscapes and communities. The 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruptions, although small by world standards, highlighted the vulnerability of the modern day global society to minor eruptions. Over the last few decades it has been recognized that integrated multi-disciplinary research is needed to provide an understanding of the social, economic and cultural factors that influence the development of strong communities, resilient to the impacts of volcano hazards and able to respond effectively when events occur. This journal aims to provide a forum for such research."
David Johnston
GNS Science/Massey University

Journal of Cloud Computing 

"Cloud Computing is now a topic of significant impact and, while it may represent an evolution in technology terms, it is revolutionising the ways in which both academia and industry are thinking and acting. The Journal of Cloud Computing, Advances, Systems and Applications (JoCCASA) has been launched to offer a high quality journal geared entirely towards the research that will offer up future generations of Clouds. The journal publishes research that addresses the entire Cloud stack, and as relates Clouds to wider paradigms and topics."
Dr Lee Gillam,
Department of Computing, University of Surrey

Journal of Remanufacturing 

Winifred Ijomah
"The Journal of Remanufacturing is the first journal that aims to bring together the broad spectrum of knowledge, practice and research in remanufacturing in order to facilitate a holistic understanding of remanufacturing across all the relevant disciplines. It seeks to unite and focus academia and industry in advancing the application of remanufacturing in sustainable manufacture. Initiated to address the needs of academia and industrialists for a specific reservoir for remanufacturing knowledge, it acts as a common point to disseminate, record and acquire information about developments, research and practice issues in the field."
Winifred Ijomah, University of Strathclyde

Multilingual Education  

Andy Kirkpatrick
"Multilingual Education is a high quality journal established by the Research Centre for Language Education and Acquisition in Multilingual Societies at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The journal publishes research on multilingual issues, including language education policies and developments in the use of mother tongue education in multilingual societies."
Andy Kirkpatrick, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 

Bimal K. Banik
"I recognize my tremendous responsibility in our quest to make Organic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters a gateway for the world to see just a fragment of these most attractive subjects in science. Organic and Medicinal Chemistry have truly exceptional roles in our understanding of the world. They literally create themselves as they expand. Our mission demands the best of our ability in order to make a difference."
Bimal K. Banik, University of Texas-Pan American

Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 

"There has been a dearth of scientifically verified and rigorous publications on pastoralism in the last decade, and this new publication will be able to fill a very important gap in our knowledge. Furthermore, with its timely topics, as evidenced by this first edition, the journal has the potential to make considerable impact on sustainable development thinking and policies."
Maryam Niamir-Fuller
Executive Coordinator and Director
Division of Global Environment Facility (GEF) Coordination
United Nations Environment Programme

Planetary Science  

"I envision Planetary Science as a publication venue emphasizing collaborative ventures, particularly those that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries, in, for example, the development, application, and analysis of results of new technology and tools. These extend our ability to reach and characterize what was previously inaccessible and are thus potentially scientific paradigm changing. Work of this nature inspires and rekindles the excitement of exploration present at the inception of planetary science as an 'official' scientific discipline. I encourage those planning cross-disciplinary workshops (e.g., in understanding and developing approaches for in situ characterization of lunar volatiles) to contact Planetary Science to do a special issue."
Managing Editor
Pamela Clark, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Lab

Psychology of Well-Being: Theory, Research and Practice  

"Psychology of Well-Being: Theory, Research and Practice promotes a multidisciplinary approach to the study of well-being with the view to providing rigorous, in-depth and cutting edge development from leading scholars and practitioners. An exciting feature will be the exploration of mechanisms which offer insight into the processes underlying well-being. The journal also serves to stimulate discussion and debate which will progress theory, research and practice. The ultimate aim of the journal is to translate this knowledge into practical and effective methods of enhancing well-being for individuals, groups and communities."
Dianne Vella-Brodrick and Nikki Rickard
Editors in Chief
Monash University, School of Psychology & Psychiatry, Australia

Security Informatics 

Hsinchun Chen
"Security Informatics aspires to quickly attain top-tier status, and aims to fulfill a unique role: that of providing a bridge between security researchers and practitioners. The contributions and unique perspectives of academic researchers, policy makers, and government and industry IT managers will ensure that the best in research and practice is widely shared in the intelligence and security informatics community."
Security Informatics
Hsinchun Chen, University of Arizona
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