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Metadata at Springer

Springer offers a variety of metadata formats for many different customers and business partners. Most of our metadata services are completely free of charge. Of course, electronic systems and transfer protocols must be available; we are happy to advise you on the system that is most appropriate for your needs.

Advantages of Metadata

  • Metadata boost your system searchability and content usage.
  • Metadata keep your system up to date with changes and correct data.
  • Metadata in machine readable formats can be automated so you’ll have less handling.

Data Delivery to suit every need 

Springer offers standard data delivery with the highest standards in electronic publishing. The Springer DDS – Data Delivery Server – is used for large amounts of data exchange using the latest technology. We adhere to industry standards for booksellers, book distributors, book data services, catalogers and libraries. Indeed, Springer is often involved in the development of these standards.
We have many formats; together they fill any need that you might have. MARC Records in several versions, FTP-delivery, file pick-up, e-mail notifications, ONIX in different versions, XML and JSON, HTML, CSV and web site downloads are just part of the list.
Services are dependable with frequent updates, regular delivery, and customization. In partnership with our data users, feedback and involvement is continuously expanding the data scope and enriching the data content as new products evolve within publishing.

API – Application Programming Interfaces 

Our Metadata API allows customers to query our database of journal articles, book chapters and protocols, retrieving the metadata for all the content that Springer publishes, that is over 5 million online documents. Results can be returned using XML or JSON.

MARC Records

Springer offers the flexibility of multiple options for free eBook MARC records. These batch-loadable files have been designed and tested by actual customers, and are under continuous review by Springer's MARC Customer Board. The records are available via the MARC download tool and via an FTP server account.

ONIX data files

Springer offers ONIX in several versions, all completely free of charge. All you have to do is set up an access account and give your e-mail address so we can send you an automatic notification. The files can be easily downloaded and connected to your system.

Other metadata options

Sometimes simple formats are better for legacy systems. We have a variety of alternatives for you.

CSV data feed 

The Comma Separated Version has all the information in the ONIX file, but in a simpler format. The weekly updates and the helpful notification e-mails are the same. The files can be accessed on our ftp server at any time.

Customized Catalogs on springer.com 

You can make your own PDF catalog or flyer from titles you select on springer.com. This service is completely free of charge. While PDF is static format, it is nevertheless a quick way to see all the bibliographic information of a small number of titles.
Simply search for titles in our online catalog, mark the items and follow the online menus to export lists.

Book Cover Images 

Book covers are interesting in every catalog, whether online or offline. Links to book covers are included in our ONIX data feed. However, you might want to have a separate cover data feed if you use CSV.

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