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Medicine - Urology | Aims and Scope: Neurotherapeutics

Aims and Scope: Neurotherapeutics

Neurotherapeutics® is the journal of the American Society for Experimental NeuroTherapeutics (ASENT). Each issue provides critical reviews of an important topic relating to the treatment of neurological disorders, written by international authorities. 

The Journal also publishes original research articles in translational neuroscience including descriptions of cutting edge therapies that cross disciplinary lines and represent important contributions to neurotherapeutics for medical practitioners and other researchers in the field.

Neurotherapeutics ® delivers a multidisciplinary perspective on the frontiers of translational neuroscience, provides perspectives on current research and practice, and covers social and ethical as well as scientific issues.

Future Issue Themes:

January 2017- Pharmacodynamic Markers in Early Diagnosis and Clinical Trial Endpoints in Neurology
Guest Editor: Jeremy Shefner (University of Arizona), Marwan Sabbagh (University of Arizona)

April 2017- Neuro-Oncology: New Concepts and Emerging Therapeutics
Guest Editor: John Laterra (Johns Hopkins University), Burt Nabors (University of Alabama)

July 2017- Emerging Therapies for Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Guest Editor: Jay M. Baraban (Johns Hopkins University), Andrew Pieper (University of Iowa Carver School of Medicine)

October 2017- Current and Future Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis
Guest Editor: Jeffrey Cohen (Cleveland Clinic), Devon Conway (Cleveland Clinic), Le Hanh Hua (Cleveland Clinic )

January 2018- Migraine Therapeutics: Current Practice, Recent Advances and Future Directions 
Guest Editor: Peter Goadsby (King's College), Peter Holland (King's College)

April 2018- The Bidirectional Flow Between the Microbiome and Brain in Neurologic Disease
Guest Editor: Lloyd Kasper (Dartmouth), Javier Ochoa-Reparaz (Eastern Washington University)