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Insights into Imaging

Insights into Imaging

Editor-in-Chief: Robert Hermans

ISSN: 1869-4101 (electronic version)

Journal no. 13244

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Open access publications are freely and permanently available online to anyone with an internet connection. Unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any medium is permitted, provided the author/editor is properly attributed.
Open access has gained tremendous support from both authors, who appreciate the increased visibility of their work, as well as science institutions and funders, who value the societal impact of freely available research results.
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What are Article Processing Charges? 

While the traditional model relies on restricting access to published research in order to recoup the costs of the publication process, the open access publishing model treats publication as the last phase of the research process. Instead of charging users a fee to read the content, an article-processing charge (APC) is levied at the beginning of the process. This flat charge, which varies from journal to journal, covers the entire cost of the publication process. This includes peer-reviewing, editing, publishing, maintaining and archiving, and allows immediate access to the full text versions of the research articles. Please also visit:
Individual waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of lack of funds.
For authors from low-income countries, we routinely waive the APCs. This policy is supported by our open access waiver fund.

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SpringerOpen, BioMed Central and Chemistry Central are committed to providing immediate and free access to all the research they publish. To meet the cost of publishing, authors who publish with us are asked to pay an open access fee or article-processing charge (APC) per published paper or book. To remove this burden from the individual authors, institutions can join our Open Access Membership Program.
The Membership Program with currently over 500 Members worldwide enables academic and research institutions, societies, groups, funders and corporations to actively support open access in scholarly publishing, and help ensure the most widespread dissemination of the work published by their researchers or members. Depending on the type of Membership, Member institutions cover some or all of the publication cost for their individual researchers when they submit to a SpringerOpen, BioMed Central or Chemistry Central journal.
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Funder and Institutional Open Access Policies 

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For authors and editors

  • Aims and Scope

    Aims and Scope


    Insights into Imaging is a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. All content is freely available online to anyone, anywhere!

    Insights into Imaging was founded by the European Society of Radiology (ESR) in order to create a platform for educational material, guidelines and recommendations, topics of controversy and formal statements concerning European radiology.

    It continuously updates scientific and best-practice knowledge in radiology through the publication of original articles and state of the art reviews, opinions, along with recommendations and statements from the leading radiological societies in Europe.

    A thorough and competent peer review procedure serves the authors’ need for critical feedback. A well balanced combination of review articles, original papers, short communications from European radiological congresses and information on society matters makes I³ an indispensable source for current information in this field.

    I³ is owned by the ESR, however authors retain copyright to their article according to the Creative Commons Attribution License (see Copyright and License Agreement). All articles can be read, redistributed and reused for free, as long as the author of the original work is cited properly.

    Insights into Imaging is the official journal of the following organisations:

    European Society of Cardiac Radiology (ESCR)
    European Society of Emergency Radiology (ESER)
    European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR)
    European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging (ESHI)
    European Society of Head and Neck Radiology (ESHNR)
    European Society of Molecular and Functional Imaging in Radiology (ESMOFIR)
    European Society of Neurology (ESNR)
    European Society of Oncologic Imaging (ESOI)
    European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR)
    European Society of Thoracic Imaging (ESTI)
    European Society of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR)
    European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI)
    European Society of Medical Imaging Informatics (EuSoMII)

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    Editorial policy


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