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Medicine - Radiology | 13th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance and 8th Conference… - ICEBI 2007,

13th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance and 8th Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography 2007

ICEBI 2007, August 29th - September 2nd 2007, Graz, Austria

Series: IFMBE Proceedings, Vol. 17

Scharfetter, Hermann, Merwa, Robert (Eds.)

2007, XXVI, 820 p.

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  • Presents the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Electrical Bioimpedance combined with the 8th Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography (ICEBI 2007)

These proceedings continue the series edited in the framework of the traditional triennial International Conference on Electrical Bio-Impedance (ICEBI), the most important platform for presenting recent scientific achievements in the area of electrical bio-impedance. The XIII ICEBI was held from Aug. 29th – Sept. 02nd 2007 at the Graz University of Technology in Graz, Austria. As already in previous years the 13th ICEBI was held together with the 8th Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography, the annual meeting for biomedical impedance imaging. Consequently, the proceedings also contain many contributions from this very important and challenging branch of bioimpedance research.

When compared to previous ICEBIs we notice a slight reduction of publications dedicated to purely theoretical models of bioimpedance phenomena while there was a significant increase of presentations on non-contacting and multimodal imaging technologies, cellular applications and specific biomedical applications. Among the latter pulmonary monitoring, multi-segmental BIA and cellular applications should be especially mentioned as obviously being in the transition from basic research to clinical usefulness.

The growth of interest for bioimpedance research is also reflected by two additional facts, namely the foundation of the International Society for Electrical Bio-Impedance (ISEBI) at the preceding conference 2004 in Gdansk and the kind endorsement of the 13th ICEBI by the IFMBE and its offer to publish scientific papers in the series of IFMBE proceedings.

Seeing all these favourable developments the editorial board is more than optimistic that bio-impedance research will continue its successful way and further contribute to the overall prosperity of biomedical engineering.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » Cells, Cell Cultures and Suspensions - Clinical Applications - Electrical Impedance Tomography - Hydra - Microwave Tomography - Monitor - Non-Linear Phenomena - Planar - Plant Tissue Impedance - diagnosis - diagnostics - image analysis - respiration - surgery - ultrasound

Related subjects » Biomedical Engineering - Cell Biology - Electronics & Electrical Engineering - Molecular Medicine - Radiology

Table of contents 

Plenary Lectures.- Frontiers in nano- and microstructures on microarrays for cell and tissue real time monitoring by bioimpedance spectroscopy.- New Techniques in Impedance Imaging: MFEIT and MREIT.- What separates us from turning EIC and EIT into successful clinical bed-side instruments?.- Invited Papers.- Evolution of a Diagnostic Decision Support Tool Based on Electrical Impedance.- Theory and Modelling.- The current flow modelling in a sensor with the active shield.- High frequency and low concentration – limitation for impedance measurements.- Modelling the measurement of thoracic tissue impedance layers with local electrode arrays.- Intra-Cardiac Bioimpedance Field Variability with Breathing.- Using least squares and Kramers-Kronig transforms in the processing of impedance spectroscopy measurement data.- Why is the measured impedance of the bladder tissue different from the computational modelling results?.- Comparison of a theoretical impedance model with experimental measurements of pulsatile blood flow.- New Aspects of Estimating Electrical Participating Volume of the Thorax for Transthoracic Impedance Cardiography.- Sensitivity Distribution Simulations of Electrode Configurations for Monitoring Tissue Grafts.- Sensitivity Analysis of Polysegmental BIA Parameters for Estimation of Body Composition and Systemic Hydrohemodynamics.- Sensitivity of the Tetrapolar Lead Configurations on the Impedance Changes of the Lungs.- Properties of CMT studies by means of FEM and Spice model.- The Model of Vascular Bed for Estimation of Human Systemic Hydrohemodynamics.- An Electrical Impedance Model for Deep Brain Stimulation of Parkinson’s Disease.- Influence of Breathing on Foucault Cardiogram Origination.- Cells, Cell Cultures, Suspensions and Plant Impedance.- Storage Effects on Whole Blood: Physiological and Electrical Measurements.- Frequency characteristics of the electrical conductivity in normal and coagulated blood.- The electrical impedance of pulsatile blood flowing through rigid tubes: an experimental investigation.- Four Electrode EIS Measurement on Interdigitated Microelectrodes for Adherent Cell Growing and Differentiation Monitoring.- Appraisal of cellular systems using impedance spectroscopy – theoretical and experimental aspects.- Sensing the cell- substrate interaction towards development of “smart” surfaces.- Dielectric Spectroscopy of Biological Cells in Microfluidic Devices.- Measurements on cultured cells using screen printed sensors.- Dielectric spectra of biological cells and tissues simulated by three-dimensional finite difference method.- Electrical time constants of erythrocytes for confocal and uniform thickness membrane.- Dual SPR-Impedance Measurement System for detection of bioaffinity interactions.- Viable Biomass Probe for a Life Support System Bioreactor.- Bioimpedance Study on Four Apple Varieties.- Effect of Mechanical Stress on Apple Impedance Parameters.- Quantitative evaluation of nano-order micromotion of cultured cells using electric cell-substrate impedance sensing method.- Tissue and Organ Impedance.- Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy of Prostatic Tissues.- Electrical impedance measurements during electroporation of rat liver and muscle.- Comparative dielectric studies of neoplastic and healthy breast tissue. Intra-operative breast cancer probe.- Heart Graft Rejection Assessed by Multi-Frequency Electrical Impedance: Human Results.- Evaluation of the periodontal tissue hydration level via bioimpedance spectrometry.- A Pilot Study For Tissue Characterisation Using Bioimpedance Mapping.- Electrical and thermal monitoring during cardiosurgery interventions.- Skin Impedance.- Low-frequency dielectric properties of the oral mucosa.- Water gradient and calibration of stratum corneum hydration measurements.- Calibration of skin hydration measurements.- Examination of amount of moisture of adult female's forearm epidermal stratum corneum with two kinds of impedance sensors.- Evaluation of the effects of topical clobetasol propionate by electrical impedance.- Diagnosing Diseases by Measurement of Electrical Skin Resistance: A Novel Technique.- Characteristics of Skin Impedance for Biological Active Points Using Dry Electrode Measurement System.- Modelling and Data Processing.- Signals in bioimpedance measurement: different waveforms for different tasks.- Simultaneous multi-frequency bio-impedance measurement applying synchronised uniform or non-uniform sampling.- A Novel Approach for Estimation of Electrical Bioimpedance: Total Least Square.- A new hard and software concept for impedance spectroscopy analysers for broadband process measurements.- Geometry dependencies in tetrapolar electrode systems – a finite element analysis on needle electrodes.- Electric field tomography system with planar electrode array.- Needle position determined by tissue impedance.- Bio-Impedance Signal Decomposer (BISD) as an Adaptive Signal Model Based Separator of Cardiac and Respiratory Components.- Electrodes and Instrumentation.- A Comprehensive Study on Current Source Circuits.- A Differential Current Source for High Frequency Biomedical Applications in a 0.5 ?m CMOS Integrated Circuit Technology.- Data acquisition and Impedance Mapping Using a Multielectrode Bioimpedance Spectroscopy System.- Two-channel high dynamic range bioimpedance monitor for cardiography.- Multi Frequency, Multi Channel, Differential Impedance Analyzer for Rapid Assays.- Expanding the functionality of HP4284A precision LCR meter through measurement system integration.- Development of a medical device for long-term sweat activity measurements.- An energy efficient wearable tissue monitor.- Multichannel Handheld Hard-tissue Bio-impedance Meter with Bluetooth Link.- Wireless Measurement System for Bioimpedance and ECG.- Impedance sensor with actively driven electrical shield for soft tissue examinations.- Implantable bioimpedance system for measuring the impedance of kidney.- Skin Electrode Impedance of Textile Electrodes for Bioimpedance Spectroscopy.- Mapping and Monitoring of Cardioactivity: Multi-Channel Impedance Technology and System.- A measurement system for evaluation of electrical properties of myocardium.- Saline-saturated Balsa Wood as a Testing Medium for Rotational Electrical Impedance Myography.- Digitally Controlled Reference Impedance Device for Test and Calibration of the Bio-Impedance Measurement System (BIMS) in a Networked Environment.- A measurement system for evaluating electrical properties of flowing blood.- A Custom-made Demodulation Technique for ElT/EIS Systems.- Advanced Technologies.- Tomographic image reconstruction from dual modality ultrasound and electrical impedance data.- Magneto-Acousto-Electrical Tomography: A New Imaging Modality for Electrical Impedance.- Interface impedance improvement with carbon nanotubes.- Designing a PtCO2 sensor based on conductivity measurements.- Ultra-Thin Silicon Membrane as a Sensitive Substrate for Active Bioscreening.- Probing Biomimetic Molecular Structures on Gold and Silicon(111) with Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.- Reconstruction method of Magneto-acoustic Tomography with magnetic Induction.- Circular and Magnetron Inductor/Sensor Coils to Detect Volumetric Brain Edema by Inductive Phase Shift.- EIT Hardware.- Determination of the dynamic measurement error of EIT systems.- Low-Noise Measurement for Electrical Impedance Tomography.- Investigation of biological phantom for 2D and 3D breast EIT images.- Calibration of Multi-frequency EIT System.- Study into the repeatability of the electrode-skin interface utilizing electrodes commonly used in Electrical Impedance Tomography.- Time- and Frequency-difference Imaging using KHU Mark1 EIT System.- Complex Conductivity Spectra of Seven Materials and Phantom Design for EIT.- Integrated Data Collection in Electrical Impedance Tomography.- EIT Algorithms.- Reconstruction Algorithms to Monitor Neonate Lung Function.- Comparison of EIT current electrode locations in three-dimensional head reconstruction.- Information Content of EIT Measurements.- Direct calculation of the electrode movement Jacobian for 3D EIT.- Validation of Finite Element mesh warping for improving the forward model in EIT of brain function.- Validation of a finite element solution for electrical impedance tomography in an anisotropic medium.- Predicted EIT current densities in the brain using a 3D anatomically realistic model of the head.- Frequency Marked Electrodes in Electrical Impedance Tomography.- Conversion of EIT brain images for co-registration.- A new clinical data and image analysis tool for monitoring neonatal lung function.- New anomaly detection algorithm using multi-frequency trans-admittance maps.- An excitation in differential EIT – selection of measurement frequencies.- Regularization of EIT Problem Using Trust Region SubProblem Method.- Sensitivity of two different reconstruction algorithms to body shape and electrode position errors in absolute EIT.- Four-Dimensional Regularization for Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging.- Experimental Results of Anomaly Detection using Multi-Frequency Trans-Admittance Scanner.- Coregistration of Electrical Impedance Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.- Image reconstruction for the selection of electrode patterns in Electrical Impedance Endotomography.- Quantitative analysis of shape change in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT).- Impact of the reconstruction method on the point spread function in electrical tomography.- Parametric image: a step forward for virtual biopsy by EIT?.- Preliminary study of a Cole-Cole model curve fitting method for Electrical Impedance Tomography.- Preliminary Investigation of Correlation Between In-Vitro Specimen Measurement and In-Vivo Imaging Data from ROI Analysis.- Using Micro Electrode Array For On-line EIT Measurement.- MIT and MREIT.- Development of the Multichannel Simultaneous Magnetic Induction Measurement System Musimitos.- Spectroscopic 16 channel magnetic induction tomograph: The new Graz MIT system.- Magnetic InductionTomography: The influence of the coil configuration on the spatial resolution.- Parallelization Methods for Implementation of Magnetic Induction Tomography Forward Models in Symmetric Multiprocessor Clusters.- Using outer boundary information for image reconstruction in magnetic induction tomography.- Imagereconstruction approaches for Philips magnetic induction tomograph.- Dielectric Measurement using Radio Imaging Method for Tomography.- Correction of systematic errors in frequency differential magnetic induction tomography.- Magnetic Induction Tomography: A feasibility study of brain oedema detection using a finite element human head model.- 16 Channel Magnetic Induction Tomography System Featuring Parallel Readout.- Projected Current from One Component of Magnetic Flux Density in MREIT.- Local harmonic Bz algorithm in MREIT.- Anisotropic Conductivity Imaging with MREIT Using Equipotential Projection Algorithm.- Newton Method for Injection Current Nonlinear Encoding(ICNE) in MREIT.- Current Injection Optimization for Magnetic Resonance-Electrical Impedance Tomography (MREIT).- In vivo determination of electric conductivity and permittivity using a standard MR system.- In Vivo MREIT Experiment of Canine Brain.- Equipotential projection based MREIT reconstruction without potential measurements.- Reconstruction algorithm of Inductive Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography.- EIT Clinical Applications.- Analysis of ventilatory conditions under different inspiratory oxygen concentrations and positive end-expiratory pressure levels by EIT.- Determination of local phase changes in lung ventilation by EIT during continuous postural changes.- Distribution of regional ventilation during restricted chest wall movement determined by EIT.- Quantification of ventilation by time series EIT data.- Measurement accuracy in pulmonary function test using electrical impedance tomography.- Evaluation of the performance of the Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Tomography (MFEIT) intended for imaging acute stroke.- Statistical analysis of non-invasive Low Frequency EIT human measurements of euronal activity.- Diagnostics of dyshormonal mammary gland diseases with multifrequency electrical impedance mammography.- Chemotherapy Monitoring With EIS: Early Findings.- Particularities of electrical impedance images in different forms of growth of infiltrative breast cancer.- A Compact EIT System for Ventilation Monitoring in COPD Patients.- Analysis of resting noise characteristics of three EIT systems in order to compare suitability for time difference imaging with scalp electrodes during epilepsy.- Tidal Volume Monitoring with Electrical Impedance Tomography. Validation for Healthy Subjects.- Clinical Applications and Experimental Studies.- Measurement of haemodynamic response during exercise test by impedance cardiography method in patients with coronary artery disease.- Beat – to - beat variability of stroke volume output velocity measured by an impedance cardiographic method.- Impedance Cardiography in Cardiac Pacing.- Possibilities of Foucault Cardiography-Based Estimation of Heart Pumping Performance.- Signal quality evaluation in Ambulatory Impedance Cardiography.- Clinical point of view of thoracic electrical biompedance (TEB) in comparison with other non-invasive methods in cardiology.- Using time interval parameters from impedance cardiography to evaluate autonomic nervous function in Parkinson’s disease.- Cerebral impedance following hypoxia/ischaemia in the human infant.- Functional aspects of early postnatal developments of small premature infants’ lungs.- Impedance rheography for systemic and pulmonary circulation study and clinical application.- Arterial system reaction on isometric stress in patients with arterial hypertension depending on the stage of the disease.- Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Measures the Ejection Fraction of the Calf Muscle Pump.- Development of a Biosensor for hCG? Detection.- Bioimpedance Profiling of Limb Lymphoedema.- A new ambulatory urodynamics monitoring system of measuring the abdominal pressure using the bio-impedance method.- Diagnosis of Breast Cancer using Ductal Epithelial Impedance Spectroscopy.- Non-Invasive Impedance based Continuous Glucose Monitoring System.- Parameters for monitoring refeeding of anorexia nervosa patients by bioimpedance.- Changes Of Bile and Urine Electrical Conductivity in Patients with Biliary Tracts’ Pathology.- Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Myography In Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.- Frequency Dependence of Forearm Muscle Impedance During Isometric Gripping Contractions.- Beat-by-beat changes in pre-ejection period during functional tests evaluated by impedance aortography: a step to a left ventricular contractility monitoring.- Electrical monitoring of myocardium during induced ischemia.- Measuring Respirational Parameters with a Wearable Bioimpedance Device.- Intrathoracic Impedance Monitoring in a Novel Model of Acute Pulmonary Edema.- Motion Discrimination Using Parameters of Bioelectrical Impedance.- Electrical Impedance Scanning for Breast Cancer Risk Stratification in Young Women.- Detection of Menstrual Cycle Changes in Breast Ductal Epithelium using Impedance Spectroscopy.- The use of bioimpedance analysis for the study of dysphagia.- A Simple Measurement Method of Visceral Fat Accumulation by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.- A new approach of gastric motility measurement and evaluation by bioimpedance.- Rheoencephalogram Reflects Cerebral Blood Flow Autoregulation In Pigs.- Procedure for assessment of the mammary gland electrical impedance images.- Determination of the root canal length using impedance ratio method.- Bioimpedance Methods in Urology Functional Diagnostics.- Electrical impedance of relaxed and contracted skeletal muscle.- Verification of physical models used for root canal measurement by impedance comparison.- Changes in the Arm Bioimpedance with Applied Pressure and Force.- Dielectric qualities of erythrocytes in healthy people of different age groups.- Utility of the short time bioelectrical impedance for the gastric motility assessment: Preliminary Results.- Human electrophysiological signal responses to non-continuous and consecutive 5 day ELF PEMF exposure: A pilot study.- Dielectric qualities of erythrocytes in healthy people and in patients with cardiovascular disease.- Equipment for real-time bioimpedance diagnostics of the functional state of human organism.- Electrical Impedance Myography at High Frequencies.- Variation of Magnetic Induction Plethysmogram on Human Thoracic Surface.- Electrodermal response – correlation between potential and conductance.- Influence of a Magnetic Field on Changes in Bio-impedance.- Bio-Impedance Analysis.- Application of bioimpedance technique in dialysis patients.- Estimation of fluid volume changes during haemodialysis with an anisotropic finite element model.- Local Tissue Bioimpedance Measurement for Fluid Shifts during Haemodialysis.- In Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients Lean Body Mass can be Evaluated by Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.- Body composition measurements in limbs using eight-electrodes bioimpedance.- A Device for Monitoring Hydration State in Hemodialysis Patients Using a Calf Bioimpedance Technique.- Different impedance indexes in segmental and whole-body measurements in peritoneal dialysis patients.- Body Composition And Glomerular Filtration Rate In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: Males Are Different From Females?.- Estimation of Arm Muscle Mass in Hemodialysis Patients by Segmental Bioimpedance (SBIS) MRI and K Techniques.- Sensitivity of whole-body bioelectrical impedance to edema in one leg.- Can bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) tell us about the form of lymphoedema?.- Total body water measurement: using the multifrequency BIS-Hanai approach with 50 kHz single frequency.- Best published equation for the calculation of Body Fat in a sample of Colombian young males using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis.- Bioelectric Impedance Phase Angle and Body Composition in Russian Children Aged 10–16 Years: Reference Values and Correlations.

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