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Medicine - Oncology & Hematology | Aims and Scope: Targeted Oncology

Aims and Scope: Targeted Oncology

Despite the major efforts made in oncology over the past ten years, only relatively modest improvements have been made in the conventional treatment of cancer. Recently, a better understanding of molecular pathways has provided clues to the pathology of the disease and multiple targets for new strategies.

New treatments, monoclonal antibodies or small molecules, have emerged targeting these pathways and inhibiting tumor growth and progression. These "mabs" and "nibs" constitute a new language with its own grammar that oncologists have to learn. Significant work remains in controlling these processes and understanding these new compounds.

This journal aims to be a pragmatic tool for all physicians committed to the field, focusing on insight into the basic science of cellular functions and critical reviews of clinical data and digests of the main meetings.

The Société française d'angiogenèse is affiliated to the journal.