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Aims and Scope: Biochemical Genetics

Biochemical Genetics publishes original and timely research and review articles in the cutting-edge fields of plant, animal and human biochemical genetics, with a special focus on the latest advances and newest mechanistic concepts. The journal reflects the extraordinary scope, dynamics and progress that characterize any organism’s state-of-the art biochemical genetics, from virus to human. Areas covered include variability at genome/gene expression/metabolome and protein levels; trait mapping and quantitative trait loci (QTLs); associations between genes or gene expression and traits; genetic diversity and epidemiology; epigenetics and epigenomics; and immunogenetics and somatic cell genetics. Nucleic acid function in heredity and development, biochemical aspects of genetic defects and the genome-wide characterization of gene expression are also addressed.
The Editor-in-Chief may invite article submissions for special issues concerning recent developments in particular areas of interest.

Biochemical Genetics welcomes articles in the areas of: 

  • Structure, organization, function and regulation of gene networks
  • DNA/RNA function and regulation, as well as interactions with these molecules
  • Gene technology
  • Transcription and Translation
  • Epigenetics
  • Biochemical genetics of microbiome niches
  • Genome-wide association studies linking genetic variations
  • Deep DNA and RNA sequencing studies elucidating chromatin organization and transcription factor binding sites in human diseases
  • Analyses of genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics
  • Computational and bioinformatics approaches to biochemical genetics
  • Novel computational and experimental methods in biochemical genetics