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Medicine - Family & Geriatric Medicine | Aims and Scope: Biochemical Genetics

Aims and Scope: Biochemical Genetics

Biochemical Genetics is a bi-monthly journal seeking to reflect the extraordinary scope, dynamics, and progress that characterize modern biochemical genetics. The journal publishes original and timely articles reporting novel biological, chemical, pharmacological, imaging, computational, and bioinformatics approaches to elucidate the molecular basis of micobiome niches, interacting gene networks, epigenetic regulation, transcription control, higher order nuclear functions and pharmacogenomics, and their link to human disorders and mammalian development. Preference will be given to those articles that will ultimately have a clinically relevant, translational impact, and/or which provide novel insights into the basis mechanisms underlying biochemical genetics.

Biochemical Genetics welcomes articles in the areas of:

  • Structure, organization, function and regulation of gene networks
  • Structure, organization, function and regulation of chromatin and nuclear architecture
  • Studies addressing noncoding RNA regulatory networks (eg, microRNAs, long ncRNAs)
  • Genomic, Chromosomal and Nuclear Imaging
  • Biochemical genetics of microbiome niches
  • Genome wide association studies linking genetic variations to specific common and complex diseases
  • Deep DNA and RNA sequencing studies elucidating chromatin organization, transcription factor binding sites in human diseases
  • Genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics analysis in common and complex diseases
  • Comparative and integrative genomics analysis in human disorders
  • Molecular and biochemical regulation of the genome and epigenome
  • Impact of chemicals, the environment, and diet on the epigenome
  • Impact of biochemical genetics on mammalian developmental biology
  • Interactions of drugs with the genome and epigenome: Pharmacological genomics
  • Computational and Bioinformatic approaches to biochemical genetics
  • Chemical and systems biology approaches to study human diseases
  • Novel computational and experimental methods in biochemical genetics