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Aims and Scope: Journal of Medicine and the Person

The Journal of Medicine and the Person is a quarterly peer-reviewed, international journal that publishes original scientific papers and state-of-the-art reviews of general interest with the aim of broadening knowledge and promoting discussion among health care professionals, with particular reference to the humanistic aspects of medicine. The purpose of the journal is to offer in the health care world a cultural tool to all who acknowledge the central role of the person in medicine.

The Editors solicit for submission of significant results generated by controlled studies dealing with direct experience in various health care domains, ranging from daily clinical practice to nursing care or health care management, as well as by research combining a rigorous scientific approach with a specific attention devoted to the patient as a unique subject, defined as any person experiencing disease, disability or restriction in social participation, due to health problems.

The Journal of Medicine and the Person, official journal of the Association Medicine and the Person, publishes contributions in the following fields:

  • new instruments, procedures and techniques to treat and cure patients in different branches of medicine;
  • research methods specifically aimed to develop and assess efficacy of multidisciplinary cares;
  • innovative study design, assessment methods, statistical tools for clinical researches, with particular interest if conducted on samples of small size;
  • results of researches and reviews on the assessment of educational programs for physicians, nurses, health professionals and caregivers, capable to improve patient cares;
  • research on integration between clinical and social medicine with a public health perspective;
  • assessment of health care systems and programmes to improve patient outcome, satisfaction and within a cross-cultural and international perspective;
  • results and reviews of epidemiological studies assessing the social gap in cures and treatments, with particular emphasis in attempt to improve cares of people in the lower socio-economic classes and in developing countries;
  • results of controlled studies aimed to improve quality of life of patients and to clarify bioethical aspect of medicine;
  • specific-target oriented dissertations on theoretical aspects of clinical medicine and organisation of health services;
  • historical and cultural aspects of medicine.

The journal will consider publication of supplements, monothematic issues and abstracts of scientific meetings and congresses. Proposal may be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief.

To further enhance the journal’s visibility, the print version is supported by the electronic version at http://www.springerlink.com.