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Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry

This journal examines global problems of geometry and analysis as well as the interactions between these fields and their application to problems of theoretical physics. ... More

Annales mathématiques du Québec

The goal of the journal is to be a high level journal publishing articles in all areas of pure mathematics and sometimes in related fields such as applied mathematics, mathematical physics and computer science. ... More

Featured Books

147,69 €

Hidden Harmony—Geometric Fantasies

This book details the history of complex function theory. It examines the rise of elliptic function theory, differential equations in the complex domain, geometric function theory and the early years of complex function theory in several variables. ... More

Complex Kleinian Groups

This book explores complex Kleinian groups, a new area of mathematics born in the work of Riemann, Poincaré, Picard and others. The author brings together classical Kleinian group actions, complex hyperbolic geometry, chrystallographic groups and more. ... More

Featured Book Series

EAA Series

This is a series on actuarial topics in a broad and interdisciplinary sense, aimed at students, academics and practitioners in the fields of insurance and finance. ... More

Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology

SUMAT is a series for students who are planning their careers in such areas of real-world mathematics as engineering, IT, computer science, and industry. Textbooks focus on applications-oriented topics, such as IT, imaging, compression techniques, and more. ... More

Featured Textbooks

A Course in Commutative Algebra

This textbook offers a thorough, modern introduction into commutative algebra. The carefully selected subject matter concentrates on the concepts and results at the center of the field. Numerous illustrative examples and exercises enrich the text. ... More

Classical Mechanics: Theory and Mathematical Modeling

This text covers standard topics of a mechanics course. Using a pedagogical approach, the author covers topics that are gradually developed and motivated by classical examples. Numerous illustrations and useful remarks are key features throughout the text. ... More

Featured Reference Works

2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Optimization

This work introduces readers to a set of topics showing the spectrum of research and ideas, and the breadth of applications that have emerged. This new edition contains over 150 new entries, addressing recent areas where theories and techniques have advanced. ... More


Handbook of Geomathematics

The ‘Handbook of Geomathematics’ is a central reference work and fills the gap of a basic reference work in this area. The contributions are well-structured and informative. ... More

Featured Open Access Journals


Journal of Uncertainty Analysis and Applications

A peer-reviewed open access journal, accepting submissions! ... More


Research in the Mathematical Sciences

A peer-reviewed open access journal, accepting submissions! ... More



Springer Book Selected by Computing Reviews

Condition: The Geometry of Numerical Algorithms, has been selected as a notable book in computing in 2013 by Computing Reviews. Congratulations Peter Bürgisser and Felipe Cucker!

Jacques Louis Lions Award

The J. L. Lions Award for Young Scientists in Computational Mathematics 2014, has been awarded to Gianluigi Rozza from the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy.

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