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Mathematics | Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization

Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization

Pardalos, Panos M., Du, Ding-Zhu, Graham, Ronald L. (Eds.)

2nd ed. 2013, XXI, 3409 p. 685 illus., 169 illus. in color. In 5 volumes, not available separately.

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  • This second edition features 30% new additional content, additional chapters as well as updated content  
  • Editors-in-chief are renowned members of the operations research and mathematics communities
  • Subject spans much of applied mathematics, computer science and operations research as well as overlaps with many other fields such as computation complexity, computational biology, VLSI design, communications networks, and management science

The second edition of this 5-volume handbook is intended to be a basic yet comprehensive reference work in combinatorial optimization that will benefit newcomers and researchers for years to come. This multi-volume work deals with several algorithmic approaches for discrete problems as well as with many combinatorial problems. The editors have brought together almost every aspect of this enormous field of combinatorial optimization, an area of research at the intersection of applied mathematics, computer science, and operations research and which overlaps with many other areas such as computation complexity, computational biology, VLSI design, communications networks, and management science. An international team of 30-40 experts in the field form the editorial board.

The Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization, second edition is addressed to all scientists who use combinatorial optimization methods to model and solve problems. Experts in the field as well as non-specialists will find the material stimulating and useful.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » Combinatorial Optimization - Handbook - Reference Work

Related subjects » Mathematics

Table of contents 

A Unified Approach for Domination Problems on Different Network Topologies         

Advanced Techniques for Dynamic Programming         

Advances in Group Testing       

Advances in Scheduling Problems        

Algebrization and Randomization Methods     

Algorithmic Aspects of Domination in Graphs 

Algorithms and Metaheuristics for Combinatorial Matrices     

Algorithms for the Satisfiability Problem          

Bin Packing Approximation Algorithms: Survey and Classification        

Binary Unconstrained Quadratic Optimization Problem             

Combinatorial Optimization Algorithms             for Probe Design and Selection Problems

Combinatorial Optimization in Data Mining     

Combinatorial Optimization Techniques for Network-based Data Mining        

Combinatorial Optimization Techniques in Transportation and Logistic Networks

Complexity Issues on PTAS       

Computing Distances between Evolutionary Trees      

Connected Dominating Set in Wireless Networks         

Connections between Continuous and Discrete Extremum Problems, Generalized Systems and Variational Inequalities               

Coverage Problems in Sensor Networks            

Data Correcting Approach for Routing and Location in Networks           

Dual Integrality in Combinatorial Optimization              

Dynamical System Approaches to Combinatorial Optimization              

Efficient Algorithms for Geometric Shortest Path Query Problems      

Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks             

Equitable Coloring of Graphs   

Faster and Space Efficient Exact Exponential Algorithms: Combinatorial and Algebraic Approaches   

Fault-Tolerant Facility Allocation          

Fractional Combinatorial Optimization              

Fuzzy Combinatorial Optimization Problems   

Geometric Optimization in Wireless Networks              

Gradient-Constrained Minimum Interconnection Networks    

Graph Searching and Related Problems             

Graph Theoretic Clique Relaxations and Applications 

Greedy Approximation Algorithms       

Hardness and Approximation of Network Vulnerability            

Job Shop Scheduling with Petri Nets   

Key Tree Optimization

Linear Programming Analysis of Switching Networks  

Map of Geometric Minimal Cuts with Applications       


Maximum Flow Problems and an NP-complete variant on Edge Labeled Graphs           

Modern Network Interdiction Problems and Algorithms           

Network Optimization

Neural Network Models in Combinatorial Optimization            

On Coloring Problems 

Online and Semi-online Scheduling     

Online Frequency Allocation and Mechanism Design for Cognitive Radio Wireless Networks

Optimal Partitions        

Optimization in Multi-Channel Wireless Networks      

Optimization Problems in Data Broadcasting   

Optimization Problems in Online Social Networks       

Optimizing Data Collection Capacity in Wireless Networks      

Packing Circles in Circles and Applications        

Partition in High Dimensional Spaces  

Probabilistic Verification and Non-approximability     

Protein Docking Problem as Combinatorial Optimization Using Beta-complex              

Quadratic Assignment Problems           

Reactive Business Intelligence: Combining the Power of Optimization with Machine Learning

Reformulation-Linearization Techniques for Discrete Optimization Problems               

Resource Allocation Problems

Rollout Algorithms for Discrete Optimization: A Survey            

Simplicial Methods for Approximating Fixed Point with Applications in Combinatorial Optimizations              

Small World Networks in Computational Neuroscience            

Social Structure Detection        

Steiner Minimal Trees:  An Introduction, Parallel Computation and Future Work

Steiner Minimum Trees in E^3

Tabu Search      

Variations of Dominating Set Problem

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