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Mathematics - Applications | Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry

Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry

Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry

Editor-in-Chief: Masato Wakayama

ISSN: 2198-4115 (electronic version)

Journal no. 40736

Springer Open Access Journal

The Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry is dedicated to enhancing the interaction between mathematics and industrial applications as a two-way process. It publishes original research papers that illustrate how, through the utilization of mathematical results, questions about industrial problems are answered to yield new insight for both industry and mathematics. The journal also publishes survey articles that address specific mathematics-for-industry topics from an original perspective. Mathematics for industry is a recent research field in mathematics that aims to create new opportunities for industry, the development of new technologies, and the identification of new focal points for the evolution of mathematics. This new field is being developed through the integration and unification of pure and applied mathematics to highlight and reinforce their fundamental importance for the future solution of current industrial problems and the development of new industrial technologies. Consequently, the scope of this journal includes theoretical, numerical, and experimental studies in all fields of mathematics and the mathematical sciences, provided that their core and flavor retain the spirit of a mathematics-for-industry endeavor. Moreover, the journal welcomes papers that have the potential to identify and foster future opportunities for the development of mathematics.

The journal was founded in 2009 as the Journal of Math-for-Industry in the Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program "Education and Research Hub for Mathematics-for-Industry" of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (FY 2008–2012). Five volumes were published prior to 2014, and the articles from those volumes are archived at http://j-mi.org/.

Note from the Publisher: The Pacific Journal of Mathematics for Industry is wholly unaffiliated with the long-established Pacific Journal of Mathematics.

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