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Mathematics - Analysis | Around the Research of Vladimir Maz'ya I - III

Around the Research of Vladimir Maz'ya I - III

Function Spaces, Partial Differential Equations, Analysis and Applications

Series: International Mathematical Series, Vol. 11-13

Laptev, Ari (Ed.)

Jointly published with Tamara Rozhkovskaya Publisher, Novosibirsk, Russia

2010, 1200p. In 3 volumes, not available separately.

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ISBN 978-1-4419-1346-3

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  • Professor Maz'ya has received numerous awards for his outstanding contributions, in particular, the Humboldt Research Prize (1999), the Verdaguer Prize of the French Academy of Sciences (2003)
  • He was elected to the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2001) and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (2002)
  • Several international conferences were organised for the occasion of his 60th birthday
  • There are several collections of papers honored Prof. Maz'ya. Prof. Maz'ya published more than 20 monographs and more than 450 articles. The range of his interests is very wide and many of his results play a key role in many areas of analysis and PDEs.
  • Nevertheless, the presented volume is absolutely different from all published books honored V. Maz'ya:
  • It focuses on the current state of research in analysis, PDEs and function theory, detailing recent advances, selected in relation to Mazy’as results.
  • All the results are new and never published earlier
  • The mentioned collections present proceedings of conferences in honor of V. Maz'ya and contributors are participants of these conferences. In this volume contributors and contributions were selected in accordance with the main idea of the volume

Research articles and surveys from world-recognized mathematicians cover large areas in Analysis where the contributions of Prof. Maz'ya are fundamental, influential, and/or pioneering. Recent advantages in the study of Sobolev type spaces, PDEs and important boundary value problems in mathematical physics, spectral problems, asymptotic expansions, various actual problems in Analysis and applications are presented. Archive photos and List of references to Maz'ya's works companion the collection.

Content Level » Research

Keywords » Asymptotic analysis - Boundary value problems - Embeddings - Partial differential equations - Sobolev spaces - Spectral problems

Related subjects » Analysis - Dynamical Systems & Differential Equations

Table of contents / Sample pages 

Around the Research of Vladimir Maz'ya I
Function Spaces

Hardy Inequalities for Nonconvex Domains, F. Avkhadiev, A. Laptev.- Distributions with Slow Tails and Ergodicity of Markov Semigroups in Infinite Dimensions, S. Bobkov, B. Zegarlinski.- On Some Aspects of the Theory of Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces, A. Cianchi.- Mellin Analysis of Weighted Sobolev Spaces with Nonhomogeneous Norms on Cones, M. Costabel et al.- Optimal Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya Inequalities with Multiple Interior Singularities, S. Filippas et al.- Sharp Fractional Hardy Inequalities in Half-Spaces, R.L. Frank, R. Seiringer.- Collapsing Riemannian Metrics to Sub-Riemannian and the Geometry of Hypersurfaces in Carnot Groups, N. Garofalo, C. Selby.- Sobolev Homeomorphisms and Composition Operators, V. Gol'dshtein, A. Ukhlov.- Extended Lp Dirichlet Spaces, N. Jacob, R.L. Schilling.- Characterizations for the Hardy Inequality, J. Kinnunen, R. Korte.- Geometric Properties of Planar BV-Extension Domains, P. Koskela et al.- On a New Characterization of Besov Spaces with Negative Exponents, M. Marcus, L. Véron.- Isoperimetric Hardy Type and Poincare Inequalities on Metric Spaces, J. Martin, M. Milman.- Gauge Functions and Sobolev Inequalities on Fluctuating Domains, E. Mbakop, U. Mosco.- A Converse to Maz'ya's Inequality for Capacities under Curvature Lower Bound, E. Milman.- Pseudo-Poincaré Inequalities and Applications to Sobolev Inequalities, L. Saloff-Coste.- The p-Faber-Krahn Inequality Noted, J. Xiao.


Around the Research of Vladimir Maz'ya II
Partial Differential Equations

Large Solutions to Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Hardy Potential and Exponential Nonlinearity, C. Bandle et al.- Stability Estimates for Resolvents, Eigenvalues, and Eigenfunctions of Elliptic Operators on Variable Domains, G. Barbatis et al.- Operator Pencil in a Domain with Concentrated Masses. A Scalar Analog of Linear Hydrodynamics, G. Chechkin.- Selfsimilar Perturbation near a Corner: Matching Versus Multiscale Expansions for a Model Problem, M. Dauge et al.- Stationary Navier-Stokes Equation on Lipschitz Domains in Riemannian Manifolds with Nonvanishing Boundary Conditions, M. Dindoš.- On the Regularity of Nonlinear Subelliptic Equations, A. Domokos, J.J. Manfredi.- Rigorous and Heuristic Treatment of Sensitive Singular Perturbations Arising in Elliptic Shells, Y.V. Egorov et al.- On the Existence of Positive Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Inequalities on Riemannian Manifolds, A. Grigor'yan, V.A. Kondratiev.- Recurrence Relations for Orthogonal Polynomials and Algebraicity of Solutions of the Dirichlet Problem, D. Khavinson, N. Stylianopoulos.- On First Neumann Eigenvalue Bounds for Conformal Metrics, G. Kokarev, N. Nadirashvili.- Necessary Condition for the Regularity of a Boundary Point for Porous Medium Equations with Coefficients of Kato Class, V. Liskevich, I.I. Skrypnik.- The Problem of Steady Flow over a Two-Dimensional Bottom Obstacle, O. Motygin, N. Kuznetsov.- Well Posedness and Asymptotic Expansion of Solution of Stokes Equation Set in a Thin Cylindrical Elastic Tube, G.P. Panasenko, R. Stavre.- On Solvability of Integral Equations for Harmonic Single Layer Potential on the Boundary of a Domain with Cusp, S.V. Poborchi.- Holder Estimates for Green's Matrix of the Stokes System in Convex Polyhedra, J. Rossmann.- Boundary Integral Methods for Periodic Scattering Problems, G. Schmidt.- Boundary Coerciveness and the Neumann Problem for 4th Order Linear Partial Differential Operators, G.C. Verchota.


Around the Research of Vladimir Maz'ya III
Analysis and Applications

Optimal Control of a Biharmonic Obstacle Problem, D. Adams et al.- Minimal Thinness and Beurling's Minimum Principle, H. Aikawa.- Progress in the Problem of Lp-Contractivity of Semigroups for Partial Differential Operators, A. Cialdea.- Uniqueness and Nonuniqueness in Inverse Hyperbolic Problems and the Black Hole Phenomenon, G. Eskin.- Global Green's Function Estimates, M.W. Frazier, I.E. Verbitsky.- On Spectral Minimal Partitions: the Case of the Sphere, B. Helffer et al.- Weighted Sobolev Space Estimates for a Class of Singular Integral Operators, D. Mitrea et al.- On general Cwikel-Lieb-Rozenblum and Lieb-Thirring inequalities, S. Molchanov, B. Vainberg.- Estimates for the Counting Function of the Laplace Operator on Domains with Rough Boundaries, Y. Netrusov, Y. Safarov.- W2,p-Theory of the Poincaré Problem, D.K. Palagachev.- Weighted Inequalities for Integral and Supremum Operators, L. Pick.- Finite Rank Toeplitz Operators in the Bergman Space, G. Rozenblum.- Resolvent Estimates for Non-Selfadjoint Operators via Semigroups, J. Sjöstrand.

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