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Read evaluations of Springer articles

We have teamed up with Faculty of 1000 to bring you free access to expert evaluations of key Springer articles.
Please click on the blue links below to read the evaluation. The corresponding journal article is also free for a limited period and can be accessed directly from the evaluation - click on "full text" below the citation.

Pflügers Archiv, Sept 09. Evaluated Jan 2010. 

Mitochondrial function as a determinant of life span.

Annals of Biomedical Engineering, Nov 08. Evaluated Mar 09. 

Mechanoelectric feedback as a trigger mechanism for cardiac electrical remodeling: a model study.

Journal of Molecular Medicine, Mar 09. Evaluated Mar 09. 

Combined effects of MC4R and FTO common genetic variants on obesity in European general populations.

Estuaries & Coasts, Oct 08. Evaluated May 09. 

Return to Neverland: Shifting Baselines Affect Eutrophication Restoration Targets.

Estuaries & Coasts, May 09. Evaluated May 09. 

Coastal phytoplankton do not rest in winter

Planta, Feb 09. Evaluated Mar 09. 

BAT1, a bidirectional amino acid transporter in Arabidopsis.

Chromosoma, Apr 09. Evaluated Apr 09. 

Artificial chromosome formation in maize (Zea mays L.).

Extremophiles, Jan 09. Evaluated Feb 09. 

Amino acid contacts in proteins adapted to different temperatures: hydrophobic interactions and surface charges play a key role.

Pharmaceutical Research, Nov 08. Evaluated Dec 08. 

The operational multiple dosing half-life: A key to defining drug accumulation in patients and to designing extended release dosage forms.

Pharmaceutical Research, Jan 09. Evaluated Feb 09. 

Shape induced inhibition of phagocytosis of polymer particles.

Psychopharmacology, Oct 08. Evaluated Dec 2008. 

Reward potentiating effects of D-1 dopamine receptor agonist and AMPAR GluR1 antagonist in nucleus accumbeus shell and their modulation by food restriction.

Pflügers Archiv, Nov 08. Evaluated Feb 09. 

TRPC1 channels regulate directionality of migrating cells.

Oecologia, Nov 08. Evaluated Jan 09. 

Mycorrhizal networks and distance from mature trees alter patterns of competition and facilitation in dry Douglas-fir forests.

J Structural & Functional Genomics, Feb 09. Evaluated Feb 09. 

Structural Genomics in the largest contributor of novel structural leverage.

J. Computational Neuroscience, June 08. Evaluated Nov 08. 

Distributed representation of perceptual categories in the auditory cortex.

Cell Mol Life Sci, Jan 09. Evaluated Feb 09. 

Chitotriosidase and gene therapy for fungal infections.