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Highlighted Journals

Theory in Biosciences

Coverage in the journal includes systems theory/dynamics, theoretical ecology/neurobiology, evolution, cognition, visual computation, simulation strategies and bioethics, and more. ... More

Systems and Synthetic Biology

Systems and Synthetic Biology is an integrated approach to study collective behaviour of biological interactions. The grand challenge in Systems and Synthetic Biology is to connect molecular topography with physiological responses. ... More

Highlighted Books / Reference Works


Introduction to Data Mining for the Life Sciences

Provides a set of techniques that can help the life scientist leverage the valuable data asset.
... More


Bioinformatics for Immunomics

Describes the various bioinformatics techniques that have been utilized to aid our understanding of the immune system. It also esplainds the nature of the self/non-self distinction that forms the basis of immunological theory. ... More

Highlighted Book Series

New: SpringerBriefs in Cognitive Computation

Briefs are concise volumes published fast and easily.
Learn how to get your own Brief published!

The first Brief in this series is already online: "Sentic Computing"
... More

Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics

LNBI is devoted to the publication of state-of-the-art research results in bioinformatics and computational biology, at a high level and in both printed and electronic versions. ... More

Highlighted Reference Works

Encyclopedia of Systems Biology

Provides a complete reference of established knowledge in systems biology – a ‘one-stop shop’ for you seeking information on key concepts in the field. ... More

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