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Life Sciences - Microbiology | Aims and Scope: International Microbiology

Aims and Scope: International Microbiology

INTERNATIONAL MICROBIOLOGY, the official journal of the Spanish Society for Microbiology (SEM), aims to advance and disseminate information in the fields of basic and applied microbiology among microbiologists around the world. The journal publishes two kinds of contributions: Articles (original research and short reviews) and Complements (perspectives, opinion, book reviews, editorials, etc). A feature of INTERNATIONAL MICROBIOLOGY that distinguishes it from many other microbiology journals is a broadening of the term "microbiology" to include eukaryotic microorganisms, as well as the publication of "articles about microbiologists and their work and questions related to the history and sociology of this science. It offers short publication times and a complete copy-editing service. The journal encourages submissions in the following areas:

- Microorganisms (viruses, prokaryotes, protists, moulds, yeast)
- Microbial biology (taxonomy, genetics, morphology, physiology, ecology, pathogenesis)
- Microbial applications (environmental, soil, industrial, food and medical microbiology, biodeterioration, bioremediation, biotechnology)
- State of the art of microbiology in different regions of the world
- Outstanding microbiologists
- Microbiology and education
- The history and sociology of microbiology