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Life Sciences - Evolutionary & Developmental Biology | Aims and Scope: Journal of Molecular Evolution

Aims and Scope: Journal of Molecular Evolution

Journal of Molecular Evolution covers experimental and theoretical work aimed at deciphering features of molecular evolution and the processes bearing on these features, from the initial formation of macromolecular systems onward. Topics addressed in the Journal include the evolution of informational macromolecules and their relation to more complex levels of biological organization, up to populations and taxa. This coverage accommodates well such subfields as comparative structural and functional genomics, population genetics, the molecular evolution of development, the evolution of gene regulation and gene interaction networks, prebiotic chemistry and prebiotic molecular processes, and in vitro evolution of DNA and RNA.

Journal of Molecular Evolution is currently soliciting mini-reviews of 2000-3000 words and 1-3 Figures. Established scientists working in the field of molecular evolution should write short proposals of 300 words or less, explaining their putative mini-review, and send it Associate Editor Hector Musto (hmusto@gmail.com). Upon receipt of these proposals, Dr. Musto and the JME editorial staff will decide whether to encourage formal submission of a mini-review, taking into account all the variables: interest, audience, importance, author, etc.