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Aims and Scope: International Journal of Disaster Risk Science

The International Journal of Disaster Risk Science is an interdisciplinary English language journal that publishes research papers addressing theoretical and methodological issues in disaster risk science, emergency response technology, and risk management; disaster risk governance policies and regulations; and case studies and comparative research internationally on responses to major disasters. Its primary aim is to create an exchange platform for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers in the field of disaster and risk to communicate, learn, and progress in order to improve the international, national and regional capacities for disaster risk analysis, management, and governance.

The journal promotes International Human Dimensions Program on Global Environmental Change--Integrated Risk Governance Project or IHDP-IRG research under the strategic framework of global change research, including revealing the dynamic processes of disaster risk, especially catastrophic disaster risk formation, based on an adequate understanding of global, regional, and local social-ecological systems change; establishing a "transition in and out" risk governance model targeting catastrophic disasters exceeding the existing coping capacities through case studies and comparative analyses; refining the various models and modeling tools for catastrophic disaster risk governance; and creating and improving an integrated disaster risk science that can meet the challenges for sustainable development.

The journal covers a wide range of disaster risks, including natural disaster risk; environmental and ecological disaster risks related to the conditions of the natural environment; technological risk and the risk of infectious diseases; and new risk factors related to global change, energy and water security, food security, international trade, and so on.