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Journal of Mammalian Evolution

A multidisciplinary forum devoted to studies on the comparative morphology, molecular biology, paleobiology, genetics, developmental and reproductive biology, biogeography, systematics, ethology and ecology, and population dynamics of mammals. ... More


Evolution: Education & Outreach

Now published under the open access model! All articles are freely and permanently available online for anyone.

Highlighted Books

Oxygen and the Evolution of Life

This book describes the interlaced histories of life and oxygen. ... More

The Theory of Evolution and Its Impact

Highly multidisciplinary and bridging the gap between biological sciences and humanities.
... More

Highlighted Book Series


Interdisciplinary Evolution Research

Books in this new series thematically analyze how a variety of evolutionary fields and evolutionary theories provide insights into specific, well-defined evolutionary problems of life and the socio-cultural domain. ... More

Developments in Primatology

This book series melds the facts of organic diversity with the continuity of the evolutionary process. ... More

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