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Highlighted Journals

Neotropical Entomology

Official Journal of the Entomological Society of Brazil. ... More

Arthropod-Plant Interactions

An international journal devoted to studies on interactions of insects, mites, and other arthropods with plants.

... More

Highlighted Books

Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior

A Tribute to Randolf Menzel.

... More

Insect Hearing and Acoustic Communication

The variety of signalling behaviours and hearing organs makes insects highly suitable animals for exploring and analysing signal generation and hearing in the context of neural processing, ecology, evolution and genetics.
... More

Highlighted Textbooks

Insect Behavior - 2nd Edition

Provides one of the most comprehensive overview of fundamental concepts of animal behavior as they relate to insects.
... More

Highlighted Book Series

Biologically-Inspired Systems

The motto of this book series: Structure and function of biological systems are inspiration for technical developments.

... More

Progress in Biological Control

This book series accelerates the latest developments through exploring the progress made within the various aspects of biological control, and via documenting these advances. ... More

Highlighted Reference Works

Westcott's Plant Disease Handbook - 8th Edition

Updated to include recently discovered diseases and new hosts for previously known plant-pathogens. ... More

Encyclopedia of Parasitology - 3rd Edition

Third edition features about 30% more entries, comprising in depth essays and definitions, as well as more tables and high quality figures. ... More

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