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Life Sciences - Ecology | Aims and Scope: Organisms Diversity & Evolution

Aims and Scope: Organisms Diversity & Evolution

Organisms Diversity & Evolution (published by the Gesellschaft fuer Biologische Systematik, GfBS) is devoted to furthering our understanding of all aspects of organismal diversity, particularly in an evolutionary framework. Papers addressing the systematics, phylogenetics, taxonomy, biogeography, biodiversity and/or evolution of any organismal group, recent or fossil, are welcome, as are papers presenting important methods or tools or addressing key theoretical, methodological, and philosophical principles related to the study of organismal diversity. Species descriptions are welcome as parts of a manuscript of broader interest that strive to integrate such taxonomic information with the other areas of interest mentioned above.

Published articles are of one of four types:

  • Original article. Papers describing original, high-quality research in any of the areas mentioned above.
  • Methods and applications. Short papers (<5 journal pages) describing new laboratory methods, bioinformatic tools, or databases that will facilitate research into organismal diversity.
  • Forum paper. Papers discussing issues relevant to the main areas of interest of the journal and their related science politics.
  • Review. Comprehensive reviews either of topics and issues relevant to the journal as well as of selected taxonomic groups. Reviews will typically be invited; however, applications suggesting potential review topics are also welcome.