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Life Sciences - Ecology | Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities - a SpringerOpen book

Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Challenges and Opportunities

A Global Assessment

Elmqvist, Th., Fragkias, M., Goodness, J., Güneralp, B., Marcotullio, P.J., McDonald, R.I., Parnell, S., Schewenius, M., Sendstad, M., Seto, K.C., Wilkinson, C. (Eds.)

2013, XXVIII, 755 p. 150 illus., 23 illus. in color.


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This book is an open access book
  • The world’s first global assessment of the effects of urbanization on biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Presents the latest state-of-the-art of urbanization, and identifies crucial knowledge gaps that need to be bridged
  • Develops a new theoretical framework for urban sustainability and resilience
  • The book’s thirty-two chapters include global, regional and local perspectives and can be read together or as stand-alone texts
  • This book is an open access book, which is freely available online to anyone, anywhere! The printed hardbound edition (755 pages) is available for just EUR 49,99

To understand how the world’s ecosystems are changing we need to understand cities, and to create better cities we need to understand the ecosystems they depend on. The failure of most markets, government policies and even urban studies to take these relations into account has put cities, and increasingly the whole world, in a difficult position. Studies like Urbanization, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services can help us to extricate ourselves, provided we act on the knowledge they provide.
Gordon McGranahan
International Institute for Environment and Development

The challenges of urbanization are profound, but so too are the opportunities. Cities can reconcile human society and biodiversity by creating environments that are ecologically sustainable, economically productive, socially just, politically participatory and culturally vibrant. I commend this study to all who have a stake in creating ecologically sustainable urbanization for the benefit of humanity and the planet.
Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General, United Nations

Content Level » Professional/practitioner

Keywords » Biodiversity - Challenges - Ecosystem services - Opportunities - Urbanization

Related subjects » Ecology - International, Foreign and Comparative Law - Sustainable Development

Table of contents 

Pavan Sukhdev
List of Contributors
List of Reviewers

1. A global outlook on urbanization
Karen C. Seto, Susan Parnell, and Thomas Elmqvist

2. History of urbanization and the missing ecology
Thomas Elmqvist, Charles L. Redman, Stephan Barthel, and Robert Costanza

3. Urbanization and global trends in biodiversity and ecosystem services
Robert I. McDonald, Peter J. Marcotullio, and Burak Güneralp

4. Regional assessment of Asia
Karen C. Seto

5. Sub-regional assessment of China: Urbanization in biodiversity hotspots
Burak Güneralp and Karen C. Seto

6. Sub-regional assessment of India: Effects of urbanization effects on land use, biodiversity and ecosystems
Harini Nagendra, H.S. Sudhira, Madhusudan Katti, and Maria Schewenius

7. Local assessment of Bangalore: Graying and Greening in Bangalore - Impacts of Urbanization on Ecosystems, Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity
H.S. Sudhira and Harini Nagendra

8. Local assessment of Tokyo: Satoyama and Satoumi: Traditional landscapes and management practices in a contemporary urban environment
Ryo Kohsaka, Wanyu Shih, Osamu Saito, and Satoru Sadohara

9. Local assessment of Shanghai: Effects of urbanization on the diversity of macrobenthic invertebrates in Shanghai, China
Wenliang Liu, Xiaohua Chen, and Qiang Wang

10. Patterns and trends in urban biodiversity and landscape design
Norbert Müller, Maria Ignatieva, Charles H. Nilon, Peter Werner, and Wayne C. Zipperer

11. Urban ecosystem services
Erik Gómez-Baggethun, Åsa Gren, David N. Barton, Johannes Langemeyer, Timon McPhearson, Patrick O’Farrell, Erik Andersson, Zoé Hamstead, and Peleg Kremer

12. Shrinking cities, biodiversity and ecosystem services
Dagmar Haase

13. Regional assessment of Europe
Jakub Kronenberg, Azime Tezer, Dagmar Haase, and Johan Colding

14. Regional assessment of North America - Urbanization trends, biodiversity patterns, and ecosystem services
Timon McPhearson, Roger Auch, and Marina Alberti

15. Regional assessment of Oceania
Robert Dyball, Christopher D. Ives, and Ian White

16. Local assessment of Istanbul: Biodiversity and ecosystem services
Burak Güneralp, Azime Tezer, and Ilke Albayrak

17. Local assessment of Stockholm: Revisiting the Stockholm Urban Assessment
Johan Colding

18. Local assessment: From wild Chicago to Chicago Wilderness - Chicago’s ecological setting and recent efforts to protect and restore nature in the region
Liam Heneghan, Christopher Mulvaney, Kristen Ross, Susan Stewart, Lauren Umek, Cristy Watkins, Alaka Wali,  Lynne M. Westphal, and David H. Wise

19. Local assessment of New York City: Biodiversity, Green Space, and Ecosystem Services
Timon McPhearson, David Maddox, Bram Gunther, and David Bragdon

20. Local assessment of Melbourne - The Biodiversity and Social-Ecological Dynamics of Melbourne, Australia
Christopher D. Ives, Ruth Beilin, Ascelin Gordon, Dave Kendal, Amy K. Hahs, and Mark J. McDonnell 

21. A synthesis of global urbanization projections
Michail Fragkias, Burak Güneralp, Karen Seto, and Julie Goodness

22. Urbanization forecasts, effects on land use, biodiversity, and ecosystem services
Burak Güneralp, Robert I. McDonald, Michail Fragkias, Julie Goodness, Peter J. Marcotullio, and Karen C. Seto

23. Regional assessment of Africa
Pippin Anderson, Chukwumerije Okereke, Andrew Rudd, and Susan Parnell

24, Local assessment of Cape Town: A ‘Rainbow Nation’s’ social-ecological landscape - Navigating management complexities of urbanization, biodiversity, and ecosystem services in the Cape Floristic Region
Julie Goodness and Pippin M.L. Anderson

25. Climate change and urban biodiversity vulnerability
William Solecki and Peter J. Marcotullio

26. Feeding cities: food security and ecosystem support in an urbanizing world
Lisa Deutsch, Rob Dyball, and Will Steffen

27. Urban governance of biodiversity and ecosystem services
Cathy Wilkinson, Marte Sendstad, Susan Parnell, and Maria Schewenius

28. Regional assessment of Latin America: Rapid urban development and social-economic inequity threaten biodiversity hotspots
Aníbal Pauchard, Olga Barbosa, Javiera Maira, Carolina Rojas, Paula Villagra, Ana Faggi, Fabio Márquez, Gloria Aponte, and Ian MacGregor-Fors

29. Local assessment of Rio de Janeiro City: Two case studies on urbanization trends and ecological impacts
Cecilia P. Herzog and Ricardo Finotti

30. Urban landscapes as learning arenas for  biodiversity and ecosystem services management
Marianne E. Krasny Cecilia Lundholm, Soul Shava, Eunju Lee, and Hiromi Kobori

31. Restoration ecology in an urbanizing world
Steven N. Handel, Osamu Saito, and Kazuhiko Takeuchi

32. Indicators for management of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services: City Biodiversity Index
Ryo Kohsaka, Henrique M. Pereira, Thomas Elmqvist, Lena Chan, Raquel Moreno-Peñaranda, Yukihiro Morimoto, Takashi Inoue, Mari Iwata, Maiko Nishi, Maria da Luz Mathias, Carlos Souto Cruz, Mariana Cabral, Minna Brunfeldt, Anni Parkkinen, Jari Niemelä, Yashada Kulkarni-Kawli, and Grant Pearsall

 33. Stewardship of the Biosphere in the Urban Era
Thomas Elmqvist, Michail Fragkias, Julie Goodness, Burak Güneralp, Peter J. Marcotullio, Robert I. McDonald, Susan Parnell, Maria Schewenius, Marte Sendstad, Karen C. Seto, Cathy Wilkinson, Marina Alberti, Carl Folke, Niki Frantzeskaki, Dagmar Haase, Madhusudan Katti, Harini Nagendra, Jari Niemelä, Steward T.A. Pickett, Charles L. Redman, and Keith Tidball


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